Yes, Mark, we know you don’t like Apple Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest 3 is 7 times cheaper, but still, is my data safe while using Facebook? It’s a bit of a harsh start. Sorry! 

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The topic is slightly different, though: Zuckerberg made a revolutionizing advertisement for Meta Quest 3 comparing its advantages over Apple Vision Pro. Details are below!

Quest Is The Better Product. Period.  

On June 5, 2023, Apple unveiled its first mixed reality headset, the $3499 Vision Pro. The launch of sales was scheduled for early 2024, and it happened on time. However, even then, Zuckerberg was already disappointed.

Their announcement demonstrates the difference in our companies’ values and vision, which I think is really important. We innovate to make our products as accessible as possible to everyone.

Zuckerberg at Menlo Park, California

While initially, Zuckerberg was pushing Quest 3 for the majority of users, having now tried out Vision Pro, he has concluded that Quest 3 is superior as a product overall. He even made a video review using the headset to break down Apple’s overpriced products point by point: 

After using it [Apple Vision Pro], I don’t just think that Quest is the better value, I think that Quest is the better product. Period.


It may be, but what about money? Is it the right price for that product when Meta’s Reality Labs faces a $4.65B quarterly loss?  

Indeed, Meta is steadfast in its commitment to AR/VR technologies. And shareholders show no doubt about such a confident path to the metaverse (“Meta” we say). However, this record loss is part of a broader trend, as the division has accumulated losses of more than $42 billion since the end of 2020! Maybe at least for $550 per headset?

What Are Quest 3 Advantages, Anyway?

Let’s analyze point by point why Quest 3 is better than Apple Vision Pro. Spoiler alert — it is better, damn it.

  • Quest 3 blends digital with reality better than Vision Pro, excelling in various activities.
  • Quest 3 is 120g lighter and wireless, unlike Vision Pro.
  • Has a wider field of view and a brighter screen than Vision Pro.
  • Delivers clearer motion images and better hand tracking.
  • Misses eye tracking from Quest Pro, planned for future versions.
  • Prioritizes quality and comfort over Apple’s higher screen resolution.
  • Offers more content and a dedicated YouTube app, not available on Vision Pro.
  • Uses an open development model, differing from Apple’s closed ecosystem.

Also, Apple’s ads became a meme again.

It Wasn’t Marketing, It Was the Author’s View!

The funny thing is how Zuckerberg presented it. The video was filmed on a Quest 3 in high resolution, and Mark, sitting on the couch in the living room, explains, like a technician, why you should choose his product. 

This one is funny too:

Oops… Who knows! Anyway, it’s great that there’s an alternative for each budget segment. Plus, there’s always a chance that Musk is already making something like that in his X-lab.

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