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“Top listicle” will spotlight the ten unmissable metaverse games of 2024. Have a seat. This is your host, the HODLER. 

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This edition draws inspiration from one of the earliest Hodlers, Ferdinand Hodler, a 19th-century painter best known for his realistic landscapes, portraits, and genre paintings. If he lived today, Ferdinand might have lent his artistic brush strokes to the immersive canvas of the metaverse. Of course, he would be a solid Holder.

The Growing Significance of the Metaverse in Gaming

Many have considered the Metaverse as the internet’s next big thing. Others have said it is the next iteration. Some movie fanatics have even said it’s The Matrix. But why is the metaverse such a big deal in Web3 gaming? 


The Metaverse encourages the innovative creation of multiple 3D worlds on a digital canvas. Players on the metaverse can build and customize their land pieces, collect and own virtual assets, and, in many cases, trade them on secondary NFT marketplaces like Opensea. Furthermore, the level of creative freedom available on the Metaverse enables users to shape their virtual environments according to their preferences. 

Below are gaming industry trends that make the metaverse a valuable part of the landscape in 2024:

  1. Advanced Interoperability features allowing users to navigate through different digital worlds. One of the biggest metaverse challenges is cross-compatibility. However, the advancement of technology is eliminating barriers. 
  2. The existence of a digital economy that heavily relies on Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and native cryptocurrencies. NFTs as a sector is growing at a 22.82% compounded annual rate until 2027.
  3. Advanced emerging technologies in gaming technology, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Gaming, 3D reconstruction, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, 5G, and the blockchain, are crucial in empowering the metaverse and gaming evolution.
  4. The metaverse has the potential for revolutionary models around user engagement, social interactions in games, disruptive business models, personalized gaming experience, revenue generation, and immersive experiences.

The Rise of Metaverse Games

Since the Metaverse rose into a global hyperbuzz in 2022, the bear market has sort of come and gone. Yet metaverse gaming brands that are serious with their craft have continued building, announcing great beta versions, and launching their full versions in 2024 at the height of a materializing bull market. 

However, we have metaverse gaming giants that have been around for a decade and a half. Most of which began as a dream to tokenize land into virtual worlds and physical property on the blockchain. Names like Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity, to name a few. 

Despite the tough market conditions of the past years, particularly 2023,  witnessing over 410 metaverse games calling it quits, some of these have stood the test of time and survived several bear markets. Hence, 2024 could be their year of reckoning, poised for hundreds of millions of signups, daily activities, and transactions. This list is all about those industry giants. 

The 5 Top Metaverse Games of 2024 Include:

  1. Illuvium;
  2. Roblox;
  3. Decentraland;
  4. Chain of Alliance.


Illuvium is an Ethereum-based Triple-A RPG adventure game by Kieran and Aaron Wawick. A triple-A (AAA) game is a high-quality, high-development cost game, the majority of which are common in traditional gaming. A prominent feature of all AAA titles is their realistic graphics in games. Illuvium is among the first to bring such an experience to the blockchain gaming sector. 

Illuvium’s gameplay occurs in an immersive world where gamers take on fantasy battles, collect NFTs, and trade in an open marketplace. The game is popular for its immersive metaverse, adventure game, P2E features, and implementation of zk-Rollups to preserve player privacy. 

Other valuable Illuvium features include a Decentralized Autonomous Model for governance, the Illuvium token (ILV), and generous player rewards. 

Unique Features:

  • Community governance
  • High privacy level
  • Tradeable collectibles
  • Immersive gameplay and player engagement
  • Play-to-Earn features


Roblox would take the number #1 spot if gaming were all about numbers. The platform is an expansive gaming metaverse with over 56 million games, 14 Million+ daily active players, and 200 million+ monthly active users. 

Quarterly Daily Active Users on Roblox. Source: Business of Apps

At its core, Roblox allows users to play millions of user-generated immersive games. The platform’s native token, Robux, incentivizes all gaming and development activity. Available titles range from shooters, role-play, arcade games, racing, and rhythm titles. However, Roblox lacks DAO-led community dynamics.

Source: Roblox

Unique Features:

  • Tokenized and monetizable user-generated content;
  • Millions of available diverse games;
  • A diverse range of gaming communities;
  • Availability of a native token, Robux;
  • Users can build their own gaming experiences.


Decentraland is a metaverse gaming platform where players can buy virtual land, create user-generated content, and engage with the community. Hodlers of the virtual land can create and grow anything from cities to casinos, restaurants, and art galleries.  

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Players can also monetize their content to earn the Decentraland native currency MANA. Additional features include ownership of digital assets, trading NFTs with the rest of the community members, an immersive metaverse, and a DAO-governance structure. 

Unique Features:

  • Virtual land ownership;
  • Interactive gameplay;
  • Tradeable NFTs;
  • DAO-led virtual communities;
  • Native token, MANA.

Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is an RPG that leverages AI, non-fungible tokens, and the Player-versus-player (PvP) model to deliver unique and immersive gameplay where players can battle, build campaigns, and own virtual assets. The player aims to build a metaverse party by taking advantage of strategic management, forging alliances, and making wise decisions.

One of Chain of Alliance’s notable features is exporting NFTs from the platform to an EVM-based blockchain. Therefore, it emphasizes the metaverse game’s dedication to player empowerment, real ownership, and the P2E model. Other features include a DAO governance structure and the COA native token.

Unique Features:

  • Community governance;
  • NFT ownership;
  • P2E model;
  • Immersive gameplay;
  • Social collaboration in gaming;
  • PvP model.

Conclusion: The Gaming Landscape in 2024

Before we had metaverse games, we had multiplayer games like Mortal Kombat and Minecraft. The evolution of blockchain and the emergence of the metaverse have significantly transformed the gaming ecosystem. Thanks to this evolution, we can have online multiplayer experiences on a virtual metaverse despite being physically disconnected by thousands of miles. 

More Info:

Now, we can play around with revolutionary metaverse game features such as tokenization of collectibles monetization features and experience an immersive world. All the games on our list consist of these blockchains and Web3 aspects, and we cannot stop to insist the revolutionary model of Illuvium, Roblox, Decentraland, Chain of Alliance.

So far, there is a big audience out there that hasn’t heard about blockchain gaming. Yet, the sector still boasts massive daily consumption and hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions. As we move forward into 2024, we hope the future of gaming will prioritize decentralization and the immersive powers of the metaverse to build super interactive games.

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