Unfortunately for all the enthusiasts of “edgy” experiences, Apple’s new headset doesn’t support exhilarating pornographic features.

Apple’s historical stance on adult content, shaped by Steve Jobs’ policy of blocking pornography on the company’s platforms, has gained another level of complexity. Despite the support for the WebXR standard in Safari, it seems that 3D content doesn’t perform optimally, leading to glitches, non-full-screen, or flat display for those who tried to adjust the settings.

Considering Apple’s entrenched prudishness, it’s unlikely that an official adult entertainment channel approved for use with Apple Vision Pro will emerge. However, users were curious if they could use it on well-known platforms that share 3D videos of human mating.

The answer is no. You may see an ultra-realistic 3D rhinoceros or dinosaur looming right in front of you, but not a naked person.

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3D Porn Has Captured People’s Minds

When some of the early adopters put on their headsets, excitement quickly turned to dismay when it became clear that the $3500 Vision Pro was incompatible with the existing, largely standardized VR porn.

People couldn’t care less about playing a virtual piano or having Formula 1 tracks in their living room. They wanted only one thing, and Apple was hiding it from them.

Users from the r/oculusnsfw and r/VisionPro subreddits on Reddit expressed their disappointment, as reported by 404 Media. Messages flooded in asking, “Where’s all the 3D porn?”

Source: Reddit

Many owners of Apple Vision Pro were clearly tempted by the prospect of exciting three-dimensional sex. “Just pre-ordered my Apple Vision Pro shits. Porn bout to go crazyyyy,” tweeted YouTuber Tim Chantaransu.

“Vision Pro won’t play external VR videos right out of the box,” explains DeoVR, a website specializing in VR media. “The device can handle VR content with an 8K resolution and a smooth 60 frames per second. However, there isn’t a simple method for transferring content onto the device.”

“You can sideload your own content from DeoVR onto the headset using Safari, but it can only be displayed in a flat format,” DeoVR continues. “There’s no capability to use VR180 or any form of immersive viewing.”

Jailbreaking the New Goggles is Still Possible, After All

Among VR porn enthusiasts, there’s massive interest in jailbreaking the latest Apple device, leading to more furious hacks than nerds battling for root access on the iPhones.

One approach involves tweaking certain settings in the Safari browser of the Vision Pro, presented here for educational purposes only.

By navigating to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Safari” > “Advanced” > “Feature Flags,” users can activate the WebXR Device API, Enhance API, WebXR Augmented Reality Module, and WebXR Gamepads Module.

Though not ideal, this workaround has proven partially successful: sites like VRPorn.com provide a more immersive experience.

Some users reported that the hack turned out to be ineffective, while others reassured that they achieved worthy results.

Source: Reddit

It really worked. Still a bit shaky and doesn’t let me pinch with my hands when I’m immersed, but it’s a good fix.

McSlappin1407 in another Reddit thread

More Info:

Though Apple Vision Pro users may not be seeing what they want to see in immersive 3D grandeur, they can still play flat videos on a huge virtual screen. At least they’ll have their own porn theater.

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