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I knew anecdotally of several gamers who had accumulated thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars, but not Jeremy Hugh. Hugh has made millions in Web 3.0 gaming. Not exactly or directly as a gamer who plays all day, but an expert gamer who studies gaming and spends his day explaining the ins, tricks and outs of gaming for a living. When setting the tone for this game review article, I met up with Hugh in a Cape Town Beach. 

To Hugh, Rollercoin is a web 3.0 game that generates $300 – $1500 per month for players if they come back after 5 days to click ‘recharge’; but what is Recharge in Rollercoin? 

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Rollercoin lets players mine cryptocurrencies using a mining simulator. Here is where it gets interesting, the players get to withdraw their earnings in crypto even after mining using a simulator. One needs approximately a hash rate power of 1,000 PH to make $0.3 per day on Rollercoin. This is because the game depends on hash rate power to continue mining with the simulator. $0.3 per day means a not-so-steady income of $9 per month without doing much, not even paying electricity costs. 

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Hugh says he is tired of people treating Web 3.0 gaming as a play-to-earn Pokemon avatar game. He seems to hold the view that people ought to play to enjoy, however, if they need to earn more than $9 per month on Rollercoin, they have to ‘Treat the game as an investment, not Peter Pan’s hobby’ I went through the leaderboard for some time and this guy had maintained a consistent high rank on the top 100 players.

‘When I started playing Rollercoin, I felt it was not a game you win but one that keeps you occupied’ He emphasizes, ‘Like a crossword puzzle or something? 

“Yes, simple yet complex at the same time.’ According to Hugh, he started preparing consultancy reports for Rollercoin when several people reached out to him for an affordable Decentraland alternative that can generate anywhere between $300 – $1000 monthly steady income. “So I began looking at Rollercoin more keenly, this time not just as a hobby but as an investment.”

Jeremy Hugh who does not like to write or even create videos of his gaming endeavours says he prefers casual face-to-face meetings when reviewing a web 3.0 game. He pulls out a piece of paper from the middle of his diary and on it are pencil scribbles outlining several figures, tables and roughly skewed charts. “I browse through the leaderboard every now and this is what I noticed.”

According to Hugh, it is possible to earn roughly $9 per day and $310 a month in the worst case. The best way to get here is by treating the game as an endless mining machine, accumulating more mining power to at least 22,000 PH and consistently recharging your hash rate. 

What is Rollercoin? – An Overview of the RollerCoin mining simulator

Rollercoin is a digital blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining simulator game in the Web 3.0 space. The idea behind the game is to distribute stock rewards among players, the mining power of each player determines the amount they receive. Rollercoin supports multiple cryptocurrencies that you can mine using its crypto simulator, these include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Cardano, Ethereum and many others.  In addition, the game has an in-game currency based on the ERC-20 token system. The RollerToken, also called RLT costs a tiny dollar fraction but has real utility inside the Rollercoin mining simulator ecosystem.

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RollerCoin Gameplay

A short Rollercoin gameplay analysis

Rollercoin’s crypto mining simulator removes the cost, effort and resource-intensive process of mining actual crypto by borrowing a leaf from real BTC mining processes. The games let you play and expand a virtual crypto mining centre to generate more hash power and income. If your mining facility grows from average to more powerful, the rewards also increase. This is because the rewards are directly proportional to the mining power. 

Hugh Jeremy points at the other side of the pencil-scribbled note and shows me a list of names. He tells me these kids have managed to earn $200+ each in their first 4-months playing RollerCoin. Hugh says many of his Web 3.0 gaming consultancy clients are kids or parents of kids. “I tell them with Rollercoin, you can play as much or as little as you like’ He drones on and on. 

Hugh emphasizes that Rollercoin is the most captivating cryptocurrency game. The concept is not only easy but explainable to most of his clients. Once his clients start playing, the first 6 months have them reaching out for more mining power, so that the 10-minute block can reward them with more crypto. 

Many believe that the Rollercoin Marketplace, which marks its 1st anniversary this year, is going to be a game changer for the ecosystem. The marketplace is a hub where games trade with each other, some have great in-game items they’d love to sell; the hub facilitates a direct exchange with a potential buyer. RollerToken is the primary payment token on the RollerCoin Marketplace. 

RollerCoin Mining Simulator Game Pros and Cons 

Rollercoin ProsRollercoin Cons
1. Multiple customization options
2. Legit source of passive income
3. Earn cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
4. Easy time killer
5. Multiple popular minigames
6. No investment needed
Ads before and after playing

Rollercoin Virtual Mining Pros

Multiple customization options

Rollercoin lets you customize your characters as much as you want. Players have different options to personalize or upgrade the avatar character that represents the game. In addition, the ability to build and expand a virtual mining centre makes the game limitless, an infinite chain of mining and earning as well as a fun adventurous play-to-earn game. 

Legit source of passive income

Rollercoin stands out as an enjoyable cryptocurrency game that could serve as a passive source of income. The game’s leaderboard ranks its top-paid players, some of whom one could reach out to for support when setting up a web 3.0 gaming side hustle. Most experienced players say spending a few months on the platform will help boost future RollerCoin crypto earning rewards. 


Earn cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Rollercoin releases payouts in crypto and bitcoin. This means the players can redeem their crypto rewards into any cryptocurrency of their choice or trade it for fiat on a blockchain exchange like Binance. The game is a suitable platform for anyone who wants to earn RollerCoin Bitcoin rewards.

Easy time killer

Alongside earning Rollercoin Bitcoin rewards, Rollercoin is an amazing fun game to pass the time when you are free. As a hobby, playing Rollercoin is not only a fan but also rewarding. It will in fact enable you to understand the sophisticated process of mining actual Bitcoin. Apparently, you will realize that one does not need expensive mining equipment to take part in cryptocurrency mining. 

Multiple Popular Rollercoin minigames

Rollercoin has an assortment of other popular mini-games, the majority of which are popular, fun and rewarding as well. It would be good if you check out some of these games and try them yourself. 

No investment is needed to start playing Rollercoin cryptocurrency games

Unlike most games in the Web 3.0 space which require an initial investment capital to start, Rollercoin is free-to-play. The game does not charge its players and carries no other hidden costs. Playing a game like Axie Infinity requires you to purchase Axie creatures, which cost a dime on the marketplace. But for Rollercoin, you only need a personal computer or a smartphone to start playing. 

RollerCoin virtual mining: Cons 

Ads before and after playing

The one cost you will have to pay for playing Rollercoin is contending with click ads before and after each gameplay. Players would appreciate a premium version with a clean interface that has no click ads. Trying to sell me a leather wallet while playing their favourite cryptocurrency game is the last thing people like Hugh want. 

RollerCoin Rewards System and Tokenomics

Earnings Per Game

Rollercoin rewards its players for playing games on the Rollercoin 8-bit arcade games platform. The game comes with several types of arcade games, all of which have play-to-earn (P2E) features. 

Earnings With Mining

The game lets you earn several extra dollars per day in passive income for running a virtual mining data centre. The goal is to perpetually expand the mining facility to increase Rollercoin mining power and hash rate, so as to boost the amount of daily income. Remember apart from RollerCoin BTC mining for Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies you could mine on the platform. In addition, there is also a multiple-player feature for RollerCoin multiplayer mining.

Earning With Referrals

Rollercoin runs a generous affiliate program that rewards each referral with a handsome payout. The game rewards players with 25% of a referral’s profit and 15% of their in-game purchases. Rollercoin tallies each affiliate commission a day after the referral has signed up on the platform and made a profit. Pull up a RollerCoin community within your neighbourhood and start accumulating cryptocurrencies through fan gaming. 

RollerCoin: Gameplay Guide, Pro Tips, and More

Below are some winning RollerCoin earning strategies, continue reading: 

How to Get Started

‘I was a hardcore Subway Surfers fan back in the day. Collecting the coins, even though they had no monetary value gave me a sense of game contentment’ While asking him how he first got into RollerCoin, Hugh stresses the best place to start is at the FAQ section on the official website. Rollercoin has a comprehensive FAQ section that details everything newbies want to know about the game. ‘There isn’t a better FAQ than that one in a crypto game. After browsing through this part, sign up on the website, confirm your email, and visit the Rollercoin virtual store if you need to purchase anything. If not, proceed to the start mining button and begin running your online virtual mining centre. 

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Tips for good mining in RollerCoin

  • Bonus Power: Look out for more bonus power by purchasing several different types of miners. Remember Rollercoin miners are different and possess different special abilities. 
  • Loot Boxes: Take advantage of Loot Boxes by grabbing more and more of them. Sometimes a Loot box only costs less than 10 RollerTokens (RLT) but would go a long way to have a purchasing power of over 500 RLT.
  • Upgrades: Check out recent Rollercoin updates 2023: Remember to stay updated with trends and announcements from the Rollercoin official social media pages to receive all updates on time. 

Conclusion about RollerCoin

‘Someone can let go of everything but not Rollercoin’ Insists Hugh. ‘I stopped coming here to the beach, riding my 3 boats to that Island over there, but I have never been able to stop playing this game, and it’s funny you know 

Hugh like almost every other passionate traditional or Web 3.0 gamer is not willing to let their passion for playing go. Yet they are clamouring to bring as many people into the space as possible. My interviewee attributes this as one of the reasons he changed his business model to a career where he studies rewarding games and translates them for newbies and potential players. Hugh says he was drawn to crypto gaming one evening when he picked up the phone only to learn that someone on the other end was willing to commit the next 1-hour to teach him a new gaming model called Play-and-Earn. The caller ended up selling him a useless token that is less than a few cents now. 3-months later, Jeremy Hughs, an engineer at the Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages Limited found his passion in Web 3.0 gaming.  He says he has played many games, and recommended different models for earning as you play, but one has always remained at the top of his list, Rollercoin. 


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Rollercoin aims at revolutionizing crypto gaming and facilitating a rewarding economy based on the Bitcoin mining model. The idea is to pay players with crypto for mining cryptocurrencies on a simulated blockchain. 

FAQ about RollerCoin

Is RollerCoin a good investment?

When looking for a rewarding and enjoyable game in the crypto space, Rollercoin is a good investment. The game has also appealed to traditional gaming fans and managed to pique their attention due to its customization features, P2E model and generous referral program. 

Is crypto mining good in 2023?

Crypto mining in 2023 is a rewarding venture. While the figures are not as high as they were in past years, the venture has remained profitable for everyone taking part. In particular, mining cryptocurrency using a virtual simulator like RollerCoin eliminates barriers to entry and the need for costly machinery for running a miner rig.

How much can you earn from RollerCoin?

Beginners earn $9 – $200 per month within the very first months. The payout is not that much at the beginning because of the limited hash rate, which could be 1000 PH at most. However, experienced gamers like Hugh who have spent 1+ years on the platform and expanded their mining facility can earn upto $50 a day, or $1500 per month playing Rollercoin. 

What is the rating of RollerCoin?

1,134 Rollercoin reviews on Trustpilot gave the crypto gaming platform an overal rating of 4 stars out of 5. 

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