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Sorare overview – What is Sorare? 


The Sorare Fantasy Football Game is a decentralised gaming platform where players utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) when collecting, purchasing or reselling the Sorare blockchain collectibles.  As a decentralized soccer game, Sorare differentiates itself from other traditional football games by allowing users to draft a team using unique player digital trading cards. The game rates players based on the rate at which they beat other gamers in the league by accumulating the highest rankings. 

In 2021, the fantasy sports niche had a market size of $18.6+ billion with a projected market size of $48.6 billion by the end of 2027. Sorare’s goal is to disrupt this niche and transform the way gamers draft professional players. The game tokenizes digital trading cards on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, players can freely own or trade their digital Sorare player cards. In addition to being a trading game, Sorare rewards players with unlimited prizes, which could be rare cards or cryptocurrencies.

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Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort started Sorare in 2018. Both of whom are serving the company as CEO and CTO respectively. The duo wanted to have a market share in the $20 billion fantasy sports markets, the $25 billion spots licensing market and the $250 billion sports betting market. 

Sorare Gameplay

Sorare has a variety of leagues where players can register and start playing. The leagues favour all types of players, including a rookie league for beginners, regional leagues and young players lineups. Every time you start playing a new league, the game lets you set up a new lineup per week using digital trading cards. At the end of the week,  the game awards points based on the footballer’s real-world performances. Users who accumulate the highest points at the end of the week are eligible to exchange the rewards for ETH.

How to get started with Sorare

Building your team 

Building your team involves handpicking players who play frequently. This is because gamers earn little to nothing when using players who are often on the bench. Additionally, this applies to using players who are not on your team. Nonetheless, the user interface highlights a list of suitable top-rated players and their corresponding ratings. It is a best practice to pick the players with a high average rating. In case there are no opponent teams appearing next to your player, an NG tag appears near the player. This means the player has no scheduled game in the coming week. Therefore, they cannot earn anything once drafted to your team. 

Note that every team comprised upto 5 types of players, the SORARE5 (SO5). These include a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, extra and forward. When building a squad, pick players to whom you would assign each position until there are no remaining slots. It is worth noting that the EXTRA slot does not belong to a substitute but serves as a fill-in position on the team. Players can score points by filling the extra slot with either a forward, midfielder or defender.  

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Other best practices include shuffling the teams depending on your team’s top scorer. Next is picking a captain for the team. It is important to pick a captain with caution since a captain has the ability to score a 20% bonus point at the end of the week. Picking a captain involves pressing the C icon appearing on your desired player’s trading card. Once you pick one, press the ‘Confirm’ button. 

After pressing ‘Confirm’, the next step is navigating the Sorare Marketplace to purchase premium NFT cards for each player. Finally, after completing this step, it’s time to play the game. Also, take some time to check out the Sorare Community 2023 and remain updated on what the community is doing.

Sorare Tournaments

Every league has weekly tournaments where players can compete for points and rewards. Users are able to access the tournaments after joining a league. The Sorare beginners guide will help you understand the basics of starting a league and winning in the tournaments. It is not necessary to understand the entire league at the beginning. This is because the basics might be too much to understand all at once. 

Sorare Leagues

Sorare’s free-to-play mode is available in the casual league. This league allows users to participate in tournaments without paying for NFT cards. The casual league is great for starters who could win rare cards and rewards to enable them to afford to purchase the 5 essential cards. 


Sorare Platform Analysis and Review

Sorare combines sports collectibles, fantasy sports games, soccer and cryptocurrency NON-Fungible Tokens to deliver an unmatched gaming experience. The game has licensed players from 100+ teams across various leagues worldwide. Some of the licensed teams include AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Liverpool FC and several teams in Spain’s La Liga and Japan’s J.League.

Sorare’s NBA Top Shot is the game’s largest crypto NFT collectible. However, the game lacks a real gaming experience apart from individual collection challenges.  The platform implemented a real, immersive and fantasy-style gaming competition on top of a transparent pay-to-win element. This allows users to build the best team by paying real money to acquire good players. In addition, the multiple licensing has enabled Sorare to standout among the competition as one of the most popular fantasy football games. 

Sorare Fantasy Football Game: Pros and Cons

Pros of playing SorareCons of playing Sorare 
Good balance of prize distributionRestrictions on Accessing Some Cards
Good balance of premium player cards as prizesNo Sorare  App Yet
Convenient placement of player card auctionsToo high costs


Good balance of prize distribution

The game offers a balanced and fair approach when allocating the Sorare player cards. This prevents a few users from an unfair advantage, which could arise due to the cost of the cards. For example, the best premium cards can only be won through participating in the tournament, rather than purchasing off the marketplace.  

Good balance of premium player cards as prizes

The Sorare ecosystem offers a proper balance between premium Sorare player cards to prevent premium players from dominating the leagues. Thereby enabling the system to level the playing field and make sure every player has the chance to compete and succeed in the game. 

Convenient placement of player card auctions

Players can easily access the marketplace and directly purchase NFT cards. Sorare also has the perfect auction placement that supports a straightforward method for managers to open or place bids. Meanwhile, players can only acquire the Sorare Card by participating in several tournaments and scoring a victory. 


Restrictions on Accessing Some Cards

Beginners may find it difficult to access top playing cards due to restrictions. This means they need to play a lot of leagues, sharpen their skills and develop their experience before they score some of the cards. For this reason, a player might have to sharpen their Sorare trading strategies and their playing skills in order to get the best cards. 

No Sorare  App Yet

The fantasy football game has not yet launched a mobile app for smartphone gamers. However, the game announced recently its plans to roll out an application for players to game on the go. Lacking a Sorare blockchain gaming application limits players who would want to play on the go.

Too High Cost

Some of the cards are too expensive to purchase. This means only players with deep pockets can access these cards. For this reason, some players might accumulate an unfair advantage against their counterparts. 

Sorare Rewards System and Tokenomics

There are five building blocks for Sorare’s rewards and tokenomics system. These 5 include Sorare player cards, divisions and leagues, scoring, tokenomics, rewards and scoring. 

  • Player Cards: Sorare allows users to acquire player cards. These cards are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the cards represents a real-world football star and their perfomance in actual matches. The perfomance of the real-world player determines the value of the card. 
  • Leagues: Sorare comes with various divisions and leagues. Players compete throughout these divisions and leagues to win different sets of rewards. 
  • Scoring: Gamers score points on the basis of their player’s actual perfomance in the real world. However, scoring factors include assists, goals, clean sheets and various other statistical perfomance metrics. How a gamer selects and builds their teams determines how well a team performs in the leagues. 
  • Rewards: Users receive rewards depending on their perfomance in the respective divisions and leagues. The rewards could be additional player cards, Ether or other valuable in-game assets. 
  • Tokenomics: Sorare’s economy relies on the Sorare Token. This token comes in handy when buying player cards, paying entry fees, earning dividends based on player perfomance and one’s card collection, as well as exchanging in-game assets for other assets or crypto in the marketplace.

Gameplay Guide, Pro Tips, and More

Sorare Gameplay Strategies: How to Get Started

You are only a few steps to getting started with Sorare. Create an account on the official Sorare Website. Pick a suitable logo for your club and a name. The best place to start for newbies is the casual league. Also, pick your favourite three clubs, this is where Sorare draws at players and assigns them to your team randomly. 

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The Casual League allows one to play using free player cards. For one to join other tournaments, they have to purchase at least 5 unique cards and get the rewards in Ethereum (ETH).  These cards are available on the Sorare Marketplace, as well as several other 3rd party stores that support the Sorare game. Also, remember to check Sorare marketplace updates for news and new team partnerships. 



There are four degrees of rarity for cards in the Sorare game. The gaming system sorts this card based on the colour and scarcity level. Scarcity determines each Sorare card valuation. They include Limited Yellow, Rare Red, Super Rare Blue, Unique Black/Brown and common (grey) cards. 

  • Limited Yellow: Every season, the game mints 1000 copies of every player as a limited Yellow Cards.
  • Rare Red: Sorare mints 100 copies of each player every season. 
  • SuperRare Blue: Every season, there are only 10 copies of super rare blue cards. This makes them highly valuable and rare to find. 
  • Unique Black/Brown: The game mints only 1 black card for every player per season. A black card is rare to come by, and the most expensive. 
  • Common cards: These are normal cards but not NFTs. They are common in the early tournaments when getting started with Sorare. However, they are still viable even as one progresses through the other tournaments.

Continue below to find Sorare fantasy football tips for succeeding in the game.

Tips for a Good Start in Sorare

Buy players carefully

Draft players like a seasoned football manager. We advise drafting a scout report from scratch and sticking by it when building your team. A defective team will cost you money and won’t guarantee a return on investments (ROI).  Sorare player performance data provides gamers with a way to gauge each player’s perfomance and how they will contribute to the team. 

Don’t play in leagues you don’t know

Different leagues have different rules. A good practice is playing the leagues you are only familiar with. There are players who prefer playing European Leagues, and Asian ones and there are others who will swear to never play in an Asian league. This is because professional fantasy soccer players prefer leagues they are knowledgeable in. 

Train your players

Training your players, even those on the bench is an important practice. This ensures you do not miss out on rewards. Training the players also increases their XP, which is vital when qualifying for more rewards.

Conclusion about Sorare

Sorare, though a relatively young company, has already established partnerships with some of the most prominent figures in the soccer industry. As Sorare continues to forge new collaborations, we anticipate the list of teams to grow, resulting in a heightened demand for cards and subsequently, an increase in the value of existing ones.

Furthermore, Sorare has formed alliances with renowned entities in both the gaming and sports sectors, including Ubisoft, Serena Williams, and Major League Baseball. This broadens the horizons for Sorare card owners, offering them a plethora of exciting opportunities to explore innovative uses for their cards. You can visit the site and find out more about the Sorare Tournaments 2023 and you will see the kind of teams that Sorare has partnered with. 

FAQ about Sorare

Is Sorare Legal?

Sorare is a legitimate soccer fantasy game that follows a free-to-play, pay-to-earn and play-to-earn model. The game has an operating license. In addition, the company has distanced itself from allegations of running a gambling firm and insisted its fantasy sports model should be regulated under a new gaming category. Nonetheless, the game is legitimate, one needs not worry about their cards or crypto balances. 

How to buy a Sorare card?

Visit the Sorare Store or a third-party marketplace that supports the Sorare game to buy NFT player cards. 

Is It Free to Play Sorare?

The overal model for Sorare is pay-to-earn. However, players can participate in the casual league using the free cards. 

Is Sorare Gambling?

Sorare is not gambling but rather a fantasy sports game where players build a football team using a combination of professional player cards and compete in tournaments to win rewards, and prizes and collect in-game assets. The players can then trade these items or cards on the marketplace in exchange for cryptocurrency.

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