Dragons of the West: Where Ancient Dragons Meet the Blockchain

In a digital realm far, far away, Dragons of the West has risen from the depths of the blockchain, bringing forth 4,444 enchanting Chinese dragons to grace the world of NFTs. Inspired by the beloved TV Show Avatar the Last Airbender, this project promises to set your imagination ablaze.

With over 1,180 dragons already minted, the first stage of the great NFT minting race is well underway. The next milestone will be achieved once 2,444 NFTs have been minted. Fear not, brave collectors, for the remaining 2,000 dragons shall be minted when the project’s team deems the time is ripe.


Prepare your battle strategies and sharpen your wits, for the Dragons of the West play-to-earn game is on the horizon. After the native token drop and the minting of the first 2,444 NFTs, the much-awaited game shall spread its wings on both PC and Mobile platforms.

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Playing with Fire: The Dragons of the West Game Mechanics

Embark on an adventure of strategy and chance as you wield the power of your NFT dragons’ metadata in the game. Each dragon’s unique traits will serve as in-game stats, ranging from one to seven variants – where seven reigns supreme, and one… well, it could use a little training.

PvP or PvE: The Battle Awaits

Engage in thrilling battles, testing your skills against real players or cunning AI foes. Will you dominate the 1v1 duels or form alliances for epic 2v2 and 3v3 clashes? The more dragons you hold, the mightier you become in PvE matches. Beware, though, with great power comes greater fun!

Dragons’ Den: Where Staking Meets Multiplying Fun

Venture into the mystical Dragon Dens, where your NFTs can be staked as a built-in function within the game. Minting multiple dragons grants access to more dens, amplifying your staking rewards. How many dens can you unlock? The fate of your dragons lies in your hands.

Enhance your dragons’ prowess with diverse accessories that affect their in-game stats. From jewelry that boosts abilities to scars that reveal experience levels, each choice shapes your dragon’s destiny. Keep an eye on the evolving game shop, where new utilities are slated to appear.

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Unraveling the Token Drop: A Fair and Egalitarian Tale

The native token allocation of Dragons of the West favors equality and simplicity:

  • 10% for DEX liquidity, ensuring fluid trading for eager collectors.
  • 5% retained in the developer’s wallet, as they too deserve a treasure or two.
  • 85% dedicated to fueling play-to-earn games and staking, bringing prosperity to all dragon tamers.

A Dragon’s Journey: Roadmap and Team Roar

Fear not the unknown, for the Dragons of the West team marches forward with a clear roadmap. The completion of initial stages and the native token drop paves the way for an organic cotton merch release, intertwining art and fashion.

Meet Andrew Reitz, the valiant community manager who dauntlessly steps into the limelight. Fully doxxed, he connects with the community on YouTube and podcasts, even hosting the legendary “CROday AMA” in the mystical realm of Spaces.


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The Dragons of the West team, like the dragons they hold dear, continue to soar towards their destiny, igniting excitement and wonder within the NFT world. The game release is nigh, and their adventure has just begun.

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