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  • Chainers overview – What is Chainers?
  • Chainers Features
  • Chainers Tokenomics
  • How to get started Playing Chainers?
  • FAQs about Chainers
  • Conclusion

If you haven’t yet discovered Chainers (and really, you should have by now), it’s a cutting-edge Web3 NFT game brimming with opportunities for fans of metaverse games. With over 350,000 players globally and 25 million minted NFTs, its popularity and potential are undeniable!

Chainers overview – What is Chainers

From the immersive Chainers MMO game and Chainers Farm Game to its innovative Creative Economy and FREE AR NFTs, Chainers has reached impressive milestones in just one year since its debut.

Chainers isn’t just a game; it’s an evolving adventure filled with opportunities to farm, fight, and flourish. Whether you’re tending to your crops, customizing your hero, or diving into our MMO, there’s always something rewarding to do.

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Free-to-Start Game with Daily Free NFT 

Ever dreamed of receiving a free NFT every day? Welcome to Chainers, where playing for free rewards you. Each day brings a unique NFT directly to you. Dive into a game that values your contributions, focusing on long-term benefits and a thriving creator economy.

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Chainers Features: A Year of Breakthroughs and Fun

In just a year, Chainers has soared, marking significant achievements in the gaming world. Here’s the scoop on its biggest hits:

MMO Game Goes Live: Chainers launched a testing version of MMO game, creating a vast, immersive world for players. It was a huge leap, showing a dedication to top-notch gaming experiences.

Mini-Game Release: New Chainers mini-game gives players new, fun ways to explore our universe.

Shop and Customize: In Chainers Shop players can customize their heroes, adding depth and fun to their gaming journey.

FRI Currency: Introducing its in-game currency, FRI, Chainers made the game’s economy more dynamic, enhancing how players trade and interact.

Diverse Gameplay: From MMO battles to farming, Chainers keeps you on your toes with varied play styles.

Reward Pools: A highlight of Chainer’s Farm, these pools offer unique rewards, making every farming effort count.

Introducing Premier: First NFT Farm in The World

Chainers has taken a giant leap forward with the launch of Chainer’s NFT Farming game, an exciting addition to the Chainers MMO Universe. Here, you can build your own farm, cultivate plants, harvest crops, and accumulate wealth in reward pools featuring $iMatic, $FRI, and $CFB (Chainers Fidelity Bonds). 

Why Chainer’s Farm Stands Out:

  • Engaging Farming Simulation: Players immerse themselves in virtual farming, from planting seeds to managing whole farms, offering a hands-on approach to agriculture in a digital world.
  • Daily Rewards and Growth: The farm is where cultivating, harvesting, and trading come alive. Players can turn their daily efforts into unique rewards, enhancing the gaming experience with every crop grown and every product traded.
  • Simple, Rewarding Gameplay: Start with a Free Farm Booster filled with essentials like seeds and garden beds, and embark on a rewarding farming journey.
  • Reward Pools: The heart of Chainers Farm, these pools foster a competitive environment where players can earn real-world benefits, including crypto rewards, making it a game-changer.
  • Scheduled for Full Integration: Set to fully integrate into the Chainers MMO by 2024, it’s poised to revolutionize online farming simulations with its comprehensive and interactive experience.

Future: Chainers Tokenomics and Creative Economy

The Game’s economy is multi-tiered yet straightforward. In the future, Chainers will let you trade unique NFT items — sell your own or buy from others, all in a fair and transparent way. You’ll be part of an economy with its own set of rules, which you can influence through voting. The weight of your vote will directly impact changes in the system’s rules, allowing you to shape the game’s economic landscape.

Chainers runs on the primary token, $FRI, which is essential for players to understand. The game’s economy utilizes three currencies: $FRI, $CHU, and $CFB. $FRI is non-tradeable, while the $CHU token, set to launch in 2024, will be the game’s tradeable currency. Chainers Fidelity Bonds (CFB) offer a commitment to early $CHU investors, allowing pre-delisting tokens to be swapped for CFB, which can then be exchanged for $CHU at a 20% discount.

How to get started Playing Chainers?

Step 1: Sign Up.

Head over to the Chainers homepage and click the “Get Free NFTs” button. Alternatively, explore the game in augmented reality by selecting “Play in AR Mode!” at the top.

Step 2: Claim Your Free NFT Hero and Booster.

Secure your first Chainers NFT hero and a booster pack at no cost.

Step 3: Grab Your Farm Starter Kit.

Visit the farm page to collect your complimentary Farm Starter Kit.

Step 4: Dive into the Farm game!

Now, you’re all set to explore and enjoy Chainers.

Bonus step: Maximize your experience with daily free NFT.

Don’t miss out on the mini-games to climb the leaderboard, tend to your farm, explore the reward pool, and remember to claim your daily free NFT!

FAQs about Chainers

Is Chainers legit or a scam?

Chainers is absolutely legit. There are no hidden fees, and it’s completely free to access the game. Importantly, the game does not have access to your bank account or sensitive data. Essentially, Chainers is a fun, web3-based game that immerses you in the crypto world without any cost.

Do I have to purchase an NFT avatar?

No, you don’t have to purchase anything to start playing. You’ll receive a Starter Kit, including a Chainer NFT hero and your first booster, for free.

Can I earn money through Chainers?

Yes, Chainers focuses on content creation, contributions, and rewarding those efforts. The game introduces players to crypto-economics, where earning through reward pools is a key activity. You can earn diverse rewards such as $FRI, $MATIC, and Chainers Fidelity Bonds. 

Via Chainers Farm you’ll be able to acquire iMATIC — real MATIC crypto converted into your digital currency. As you play and earn internal rewards, they will be stored in iMATIC, with the future option to withdraw it as real MATIC.

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Chainers will enhance the player experience with every update and continues the journey of innovation, providing an immersive, fun, and rewarding MMO gaming world. Join Chainers now and be part of an amazing community that’s growing, innovating, and reaping the rewards together.


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