Ex-President and presidential candidate Donald Trump has broken the internet again with his new show of solid support for Bitcoin and crypto mining. On Wednesday, Trump met with several executives from top US crypto mining firms. We don’t know what they said to him, but after the meeting, Trump seemed to have an eye for crypto mining and Bitcoin.

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June 11 came, and Trump took to Truth Social to share his strong feelings for Bitcoin. He said he wanted “all the remaining bitcoin to be made in the USA.” If you’re wondering why he said that, he mentioned that it would help the US be “energy dominant.” While Trump’s wish for all remaining Bitcoin to be made in the USA can only be granted by Santa Claus, the energy-dominant bit might be a good motivation. 

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Trump backed his reasoning by claiming that Bitcoin may be the last line of defense the US has against a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). No one knows why a CBDC is such a bad idea, but Trump seems to think it is. Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve’s chairman, had said earlier in March that the USA was nowhere near recommending, let alone adopting a central bank digital currency in any form”. So, except Trump has some insider information about the creation of a CBDC, it would seem that the CBDC attack Trump wants to “defend” does not even exist.  

From Skeptic to Bitcoin Bro Magnet?

Some bitcoin miners Trump hosted in his Mar-a-Lago residence included Riot Platforms boss Jason Les, his public policy head Brian Morgenstern, CleanSpark’s executive chairman Matthew Schultz, and TeraWulf board member Amanda Fabiano. The meeting seemed to have gone well, with Trump and Jason Les rocking matching outfits.

While Trump might seem like a Bitcoin folk hero, there’s no denying that his support for Bitcoin and mining might be politically motivated. He claimed that “Biden’s hatred of Bitcoin only helps China, Russia, and the Radical Communist left.” But it’s perfect timing, as President Joe Biden has already proposed a 30% electricity tax on Bitcoin miners in the country. 

However, before you start calling Trump “Crypto President,” as he once called himself, you should know that he once said Bitcoin “seems like a scam” back in 2021. So, has Trump become a true believer in Bitcoin, or is he just trying to get crypto bros to vote for him when the time comes? 

Well, the crypto bros don’t seem to care. TeraWulf’s Amanda Fabiano has taken to X to support the Trump Bitcoin vision. In her post, she said, “Our industry has faced an enormous amount of political struggle, fueled by misinformation and misguided narratives.” She added, “Our industry needs politicians that are interested in learning about the benefits of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.”

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It seems Trump is getting the crypto bro support he needs. Either way, for his wish to get all Bitcoins made in the USA, he better start writing to Santa right now in June. 

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