Donald Trump and his not-so-much bestie, President Biden, have found another bone to pick with each other again, and this time, it’s about crypto. Shocker, right?

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Well, here’s the gist. Trump basically accused President Biden of trying to kill the crypto industry in the United States. Warning Americans and anybody interested that Biden wants crypto to die “A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH”. Oh yeah, he actually said that on Truth Social, the X knockoff, while also calling Biden “CROOKED BIDEN” and “ THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY.” 

He also reassured the crypto-faithfuls that crypto death would never happen with him.

Source: TruthSocial

For all the crypto heads out there, Trump’s words seem reassuring. It sounds like he’s very passionate about crypto users, but is that all there is to the story? Not quite! While Trump’s sudden crypto-activism may seem like a well-intentioned one, albeit with a bit of name-calling, Trump may just be looking out for, well, Trump.

For anyone familiar with not just Trump’s election manifesto but also his investment portfolio, you’ll know that Trump has quite a lot of crypto himself.

Trump had earlier invested quite a lot into the meme coin TRUMP, which was created after his first election campaign. The meme coin was created based on Trump’s catchphrase MAGA, which means “Make America Great Again.” Only a meme back then, MAGA and TRUMP are now making Trump a gain, and a lot of gain at that. By the way, is anyone concerned with this TRUMP coin image looking like a Donald Trump Homelander mashup?

The ex-president is reported to hold 579,290 TRUMP coins, and at the token’s current price of $12.05 at the time of this writing, the man owns $6,980,444.5. That’s enough motivation to make crypto’s survival part of his campaign, right? But that’s not quite all.

Arkham, a blockchain intelligence firm (not The Joker’s favorite asylum), reported on May 27 that Donald Trump’s crypto asset portfolio has reached $10 million, mostly thanks to TRUMP. But Donald also has some Ethereum.

Donald Trump is reported to have around 464.2 ETH, which is about $1.808,216.828 million based on recent calculations, with ETH currently trading at $3,895.34. Trump also has a couple other cryptocurrencies in his portfolio. MVP is another token dedicated to funding his campaign, and Trump owns a million MVP tokens worth $479,000 with a current valuation of $0.479.

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While Biden has not given any official response to Trump’s allegations, many are speculating that Trump’s crypto activism is only politically motivated and, of course, for his own precious portfolio. But no one can argue that it’s not a smart move. Mark Cuban, a Trump supporter and fellow billionaire, has said that Trump could win the coming American election because of Biden’s dislike of crypto. While we await Biden’s response, isn’t this nice? It’s not every day we get politicians fighting over crypto.

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