Or was it? Okay, good old Joe Biden is on the news again. After the Super Bowl, which we all know is the grand finale of the American football season, he posted himself with “laser eyes” on his X account. The crypto community thought it was all about $BTC.  But first, let’s drop in a few details!

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Conspiracy Theory #1: BTC Joe Goes On The Bull Run!

The man just supported his favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs, who won over the San Fransico 49ers in the 2024 Super Bowl! Here’s the tweet: 

The caption: “just like we drew it up” wasn’t even a bit about Bitcoin. It was about football. And all that red-eyes thing wasn’t about the upcoming bull market clearly. Red because the Kansas Citi Chiefs’ uniform is red! There’s not even a step toward adequate Bitcoin regulation and you’d think that Old Joe would do something to make predictions for the ETH/BTC chart.  What were you thinking? 

Well, this was a touch of sarcasm. A good one really. Still not all get them! Look here:

The Bitcoin chart actually, didn’t care much about all that insinuations! Although it showed a little bull run before the Super Bowl, it was just a pattern worked out over several years. Give the word to the chart:

Source: Crypto.news

Thank you! After the end of the final game, the BTC slightly declined. The Super Bowl did not feature any crypto ads for the second year in a row. Even trillion-dollar companies with Bitcoin ETFs were unwilling to pay the $7 million advertising fee.

So, let’s put the full stop: Biden has nothing to do with Bitcoin, literally. He just doesn’t.

Conspiracy Theory #2: Taylor Swift In The White House?

Now we’re in the realm of politics, children! Look here:

Still a little bit of crypto flure, but this lady didn’t get it. Biden uses the “Dark Brandon” meme to support Kansas ( which is true so far), but it’s a fake! After all, Biden arranged all this on purpose to ensure the victory of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce’s team, so that the pop star could then support Biden in the presidential election.

Yeap! This sounds like the truth (of course not!)


But the fact is that Biden’s PR staff just wants to rejuvenate the old man and make him look tougher than he really is.

Oh, Marjorie, SHUT UP!

Okay, Was There Anything About Crypto at the Super Bowl?

Shortly: NO. But It wasn’t really and the last year.

Leading companies in the crypto industry didn’t apply for advertising during the Super Bowl. About this writes Fox Business.

In particular, issuers of spot Bitcoin-ETFs BlackRock and Grayscale didn’t report on their products, because after the approval of the SEC tools free slots were no longer left.

More Info: 

According to Fox Business, a major sports and television event in the U.S. went without advertising for digital assets for the second year in a row.

Sadly, the only thing that pointed to cryptocurrencies on the night was Jack Dorsey’s Satoshi T-shirt. The Block founder was present at the stadium’s podium in company with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Well, it’s not a lot of ads, but at least it’s hard to read them ambiguously, unlike Biden’s!

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