At the same time as the leading companies in the crypto industry have not even applied to advertise during the Super Bowl, the UFC is placing the logo right on the floor and cage padding in octagons! Why? Because marketing! Let me tell you all about it!

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Where Does the Crypto Sector Invest?

Ok, every good marketer in the crypto company knows that of all the best places to advertise, sporting events remain the most sweet deal. Big big sporting events! Why so? Simply! These events offer a massive, global audience with all sorts of people from rich to poor, from tech-savvy to art enthusiasts, etc. 

Did you get it? By associating themselves with popular sports events, crypto companies not only boost their visibility but also lend credibility to their brand, scaling the trust and loyalty fans have in sports to build their user base. This move is a total win-win. It spices up the event with the cool vibe of crypto and shoots the platforms right into the mainstream spotlight.


And what are all-time favorite sports? That’s right – cars and slaughter! Remains Happy With An Investment

Formula 1’s top teams are all in on crypto cash. McLaren’s rolling with Tezos and OKX, Haas has OpenSea backing them up, and Alpine’s getting a boost from Binance, even spinning out their fan token. And has hit the jackpot, landing smack dab in the middle of the action with huge fan crowds from Formula 1. No one hides the fact that some of their sweet partner deals have boosted its growth. 

Source: FXStreet

Following each other trend crypto giants support their beloved Formula 1 teams from year to year!  

But decided to double the fan base by supporting the UFC too: 

We’ve been fortunate to find these amazing partners. F1, the UFC, working in LA with the Arena and AEG. 

— said chief operating officer Eric Anziani in an interview on the 9th of February to Cointelegraph. He confirms that market surveys conducted by the exchange reveal that its global awareness is significantly high in terms of brand recognition among retail cryptocurrency users.

Indeed, Building a brand in just a couple of years and maintaining its prominence is a tough challenge. Ensuring it remains at the forefront of users’ minds is equally demanding. However, the investments made towards these goals appear to have yielded positive outcomes.

A Little Bit Of Stats

The 2023 Formula 1 World Championship season on ESPN platforms ended as the second most-viewed F1 season ever on U.S. television. Average viewership has essentially doubled from 554K in 2018 to 1.11 million in 2023, a total increase of nearly 100 percent and an average increase of 15 percent per year. As well as crypto mass adoption! That’s why Anziani has very big hopes for the 2024 F1 season on March 2 in Bahrain.

The UFC appeals to a global audience too, matching audience numbers of a single Formula 1 race over the past two years. Notably, some of the sport’s major fights, including the highly publicized bout featuring Conor McGregor, have seen as many as 2.4 million pay-per-view tickets sold.

More Info:

So, is heading to the 100 million users! These are good numbers, considering that back in 2023 it was only 80 million. 


So, while you are investing in crypto, crypto is investing in sports!

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