Women Rise NFT Overview

Visual representation is a game-changer when it comes to inspiring people. Women Rise NFT understands that we live in a world where women are often sidelined in visual representation. Women Rise steps in to fill the gender representation gap by celebrating women’s achievements and diversity around the globe.

Since its inception in November 2021, Women Rise NFT has been on a mission to challenge stereotypes and foster meaningful dialogue about gender equality. Women Rise NFT seeks to amplify women’s voices through 10,000 unique digital collectibles. The organization uses vibrant artwork and community engagement to inspire women of all backgrounds. The artwork enables women to rise above barriers and embrace their power.

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Women Rise demonstrates its commitment to social impact by allocating a portion of its proceeds to various organizations, such as the Malala Fund. The fund supports education advocates and activists challenging barriers to girls’ education worldwide. Women Rise NFT reminds us that representation matters and that together, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Women Rise NFT Roadmap

The journey of Women Rise NFT goes beyond digital art by contributing towards empowerment and awareness. Before the official launch, the team organized a 3-day pre-launch event, bringing together talented women artists to discuss art and NFTs.

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The artists benefited by getting a market for their art. Beyond that, they got to amplify their voices and foster community engagement. As the project gained momentum, various milestones were achieved:

  • 10% Sold: Early supporters received special Women Rise NFTs as a token of appreciation.
  • 25% Sold: A portion of primary sales went to the Malala Fund, supporting education advocates challenging barriers preventing girls from attending school.
  • 50% Sold: Women Rise expanded beyond the digital realm by offering physical prints and hardcover books to lucky collectors, spreading the celebration of women’s achievements to homes and hearts.

Women Rise Team

Women Rise NFT brings together a diverse team dedicated to its mission, led by Maliha Abidi. The artist and founder embodies the spirit of Women Rise through her work and advocacy. Two other team members include Sodi, who works as the developer, and Aski, who plays the role of project director. They each contribute their skills and passion to the project.

Maliha Abidi’s journey reflects the ethos of Women Rise, transcending boundaries and inspiring change. From her early career to the launch of Women Rise, Abidi’s commitment to women’s rights and representation is evident. Under her leadership, Women Rise has donated 4.375 ETH or approximately $16,000 USD to @MalalaFund! The organization supports three other organizations that support women’s rights and girls’ education. Through art and activism, she aims to challenge stereotypes and create space for diverse voices in the NFT space.

Conclusion about Women Rise NFT

Women Rise NFT is an inspiring movement towards inclusivity and empowerment. It celebrates women from diverse backgrounds and professions. It goes a step ahead to challenge the status quo and foster meaningful dialogue about representation and equality.

From day one, Women Rise has been a source of hope for women everywhere. It reminds us that empowerment knows no bounds. Through art, advocacy, and community, Women Rise NFT paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Women Rise isn’t just about pretty pictures on your screen; but about the incredible women behind them. The artists, the activists, and the dreamers are given an opportunity to flourish as their voices are heard and celebrated.

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FAQ about Women Rise NFT

What is the future of Women Rise NFT?

The future of Women Rise NFT is as vibrant as its artwork. The organization has a growing community and a commitment to women’s empowerment. Women Rise aims to expand its impact and foster meaningful change in the NFT space and beyond.

Is Women Rise NFT a good investment?

Women Rise NFT is a good investment due to its potential to accrue favorable financial return. Beyond that, investing in Women Rise NFT means investing in a movement. As the project continues to grow and evolve, collectors become part of a community dedicated to celebrating and empowering women globally.

What are the latest developments of Women Rise NFT?

Exciting things are always in the works over at Women Rise! Recently, they dropped some stunning new artworks that demonstrate the diverse achievements and stories of women worldwide. The pieces show the incredible talent of the artists and a firm reminder of how crucial representation and visibility are.

But that’s not all – Women Rise NFT is all about connecting with the community. They’ve been hosting events like virtual meet-ups and charity drives, creating a space where everyone can feel empowered to share their voice and story. 

Stay tuned for the latest developments from Women Rise NFT by following their social media channels and joining their community.

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