South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) issues a mandate that could reshape the dynamics of digital asset deposits on exchanges by July 2024. However, not all tokens are equal in this game of crypto thrones. Let’s find out the intricacies of South Korea’s regulatory dance and how it’s leaving no stone unturned.

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Deposits with a Dash of Interest

South Korea’s financial watchdog, the FSC, recently dropped a bombshell by declaring that digital asset investors must receive interest on their deposits in exchanges. A move aimed at boosting user benefits, this mandate is set to come into full force by July 2024. The FSC, however, plays favorites, excluding nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) from this interest bonanza.


NFTs and CBDCs: Exceptions to the Rule?

While NFTs and CBDCs may be excluded from the interest feast, the FSC hints at a twist. If NFTs, despite their categorization, double as payment methods and flood the market in abundance, they might just find themselves seated at the virtual asset classification table. In such instances, depositing these tokens into exchanges could earn users a slice of the interest pie.

Virtual Assets Classifying 101: Separation and Safeguarding

Beyond the interest spectacle, the FSC is meticulous about how virtual asset operators handle user deposits. The directive mandates exchanges to segregate user deposits and proprietary assets, placing them under the trustworthy guardianship of a bank. Adding an extra layer of security, an 80% of the coins must find a chilly abode in a cold wallet.

Fortifying Against Cyber Threats: The Regulatory Shields

In a world where digital threats loom large, the FSC isn’t leaving anything to chance. The upcoming guidance will set the stage for virtual asset service providers to fortify their defenses against hacks and computer incidents. Be it through insurance policies or building reserves, the regulator insists on a proactive approach to secure the ever-vulnerable crypto realm.

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Unblocking Only When Necessary

South Korea’s regulatory challenges doesn’t stop at interest and security; it extends to user convenience. The FSC mandates that exchanges refrain from blocking deposits or withdrawals unless absolutely essential, and only when the call is backed by the courts and financial regulators. A balancing act of security and accessibility.



As South Korea tightens its grip on crypto regulations, the FSC’s recent moves underscore the nation’s commitment to fostering a secure and user-friendly digital asset ecosystem.

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From interest-bearing deposits to guarding against cyber threats, it’s clear that the crypto game of thrones in South Korea is far from over.

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