Artificial intelligence (AI) has started transforming our daily lives and work in various ways. With the rise in popularity, various AI-powered tools are available to improve practically every activity and cover almost every productivity-related demand. It’s now essential for increasing efficiency, inventiveness, and daily routine enhancement. 

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These artificial intelligence applications can do almost anything, from automating routine duties to simplifying complicated tasks. Let’s explore the best AI tools that can transform your everyday activities.


Cortana from Microsoft is more than simply an AI. It’s your ever-learning personal assistant, made to assist you in efficiently doing tasks. Thanks to Cortana’s seamless integration across Windows 10, you can use your smartphone hands-free. 

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With only a voice command, you can create notes, send emails, and set reminders. One of Cortana’s unique selling points is its ability to progressively get to know its users. This offers more personalised activities and suggestions based on how they use it.

Additionally, this application helps close the gap between various operating systems with cross-platform compatibility. This includes PCs running Windows 10 as well as iOS and Android smartphones. Therefore, you can rely on Cortana for assistance, regardless of location or device.


Clara is a creative AI tool that streamlines challenging tasks and increases productivity. It isn’t your typical digital personal assistant; it has some special characteristics you will value.

Its capacity to manage meeting schedules expertly is its best feature. It can effortlessly schedule several people to team up, adjust to different time zones, and identify times that work for everyone.

Additionally, Clara is connected to your email system. This allows it to handle all the back-and-forth correspondence required to schedule calls or meetings. Thus, bid farewell to those endless email exchanges attempting to determine everyone’s availability.


Working with papers, PDF files, and web pages is made easier using Genei. It’s the perfect tool for managing many documents effortlessly and swiftly. You can quickly locate the information you want when you need it using Genei’s special blend of keyword extraction and summarising options. You end up saving more time while sorting through data.


Genei offers more features than just a summarising tool; you can annotate articles and group documents according to projects. To put it briefly, Genei provides a simple yet powerful task management tool that may increase output.


RescueTime is one of the best AI time-saving tools that assists both users in assessing and improving their output. It monitors your time on different websites, apps, and activities while operating in the background on your devices. 

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This AI tool rates the productivity of each task so you may determine which ones are more or less productive. Using the tool’s comprehensive reports and insights, you can see where you’re falling short and where to improve. This AI tool has been integrated with many platforms, such as Slack and Google Calendar. 


Fotor is an online tool for graphic design and picture editing. Users can easily transform their photos into visually striking artwork. This tool has many options that may meet your creative needs, whether you’re a photographer or a social media manager. 

It comes with simple edit options like resizing, cropping, and modifying brightness, in addition to various filters, effects, and overlays. Users may use this combination to add a unique touch to their photos and make them stand out.

Its user-friendly interface and easily navigable online platform provide an ideal setting for novice and expert designers alike. At its core, Fotor is an outstanding picture editor that offers users fine-grained control over image enhancement. 


BeforeSunset is among the well-known AI-powered time-saving tools designed for professionals in the business world. It arranges your day according to your to-do list. Since this is a common problem for its users, it simplifies the process of making a daily schedule. Alternatively, you can synchronise your calendar and make your own plan.

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It can assist you with time and task management by displaying the time you have spent on each activity. Additionally, it inquires about your welfare at the beginning of each day and relays that information to your team. Even more, it offers insights through analytics so you can end the day without concern.


Synthesia’s core technology employs artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to understand and analyse scripts or text input. This text synchronises the virtual characters’ lips, facial expressions, and body language with spoken words. In the end, the video displays the content convincingly, as if a human were presenting it.

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Synthesia has significantly changed the productivity and efficiency of content creation, making it more approachable and engaging for a broader audience.


Deciding on the perfect font balance is crucial to creating a consistent visual identity, enhancing readability, and conveying the intended mood. Fontjoy’s AI-driven feature offers a novel solution to this difficult design task.

Fontjoy is an online AI tool that helps designers and other creators choose the ideal font combinations for their projects. Fontjoy offers data-driven suggestions that complement each other to make the typography selection process easier and more enjoyable. This tool offers the font pairing option, which involves selecting two or more fonts visually complementing one another. is revolutionising the process of creating visually striking and enduring presentations. It simplifies the sometimes tedious process of creating presentations by offering an easy-to-use user interface.

At its core, recognises the challenges of making visually appealing presentations that effectively communicate information. In response, the platform provides a range of features that let users create professional and eye-catching presentations without requiring a deep understanding of design. Users also get insightful automation features and professionally designed templates.



Artificial intelligence (AI) integration has revolutionised several industries and aspects of our daily lives. Our recommended artificial intelligence applications have the power to increase your output while streamlining various aspects of your task.

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These innovations provide creative solutions to match your demands, whether your goal is work optimization, increasing productivity, or creativity. It’s time to embrace AI and its possibilities and see how it improves your day-to-day existence.

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