You’d be surprised at how many boss ladies are killing it in crypto. The industry may seem male-dominated, but some real MVPs making big moves are actually women. These trailblazing queens are innovating, educating, and profiting immensely, all while boosting crypto worldwide. So, who are these leading ladies, and what’s their deal in the crypto game? Sit back and join me as we explore the profiles of some notable figures.

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10 Leading Females in Crypto 

Many women are playing significant roles in advancing the crypto sector. Check out some of them below:

  1. Linda Bradford Raschke

When it comes to trading, Linda Bradford Raschke is one of the notable names around. This boss lady has been killin’ the game for over 40 years. She first jumped into trading way back in 1981 and has become a straight-up legend in the commodities and futures world. Not only does she trade like a pro, but she’s also been sharing wisdom as a Commodity Trading Advisor since the ’90s. 


Linda has a knack for spotting patterns and taking a long-term, consistent approach to the markets. She’s got her finger on the pulse of everything from futures to equities. Oh, and she’s part of the crew calling the shots at Pacific Coast Exchange and Philidelphia Exchange. With decades of experience trading under her belt, Linda is the perfect mentor for newbie traders trying to learn the ropes. 

  1. Cathie Wood

Cathy Wood is the top dog at ARK Invest, a firm that’s all about investing in game-changing new technologies. As the Chief Investment Officer, she is the brain behind ARK’s investment strategy. Cathie’s been a big believer in Bitcoin and blockchain for a long time now. She saw their potential way ahead of the curve. 

As CIO and manager of ARK’s portfolios, Cathie shaped their whole philosophy of focusing on innovations that could really shake things up and bring huge growth. Whether it’s crypto, AI, genomics, or other breakthroughs, she’s focused on finding the technologies that will define the future.

Cathie Wood
  1. Kathy Lien

Kathy Lien has been a significant player in the forex and cryptocurrency trading scene for years. This trading prodigy got her start on Wall Street straight out of high school at just 18 years old! She was making big moves at JP Morgan before heading to FXCM and various finance websites. Our girl Kathy knows her stuff about developing trading strategies – she’s been all over the news sharing her wisdom on channels like CNBC. 

At 21, Kathy took the reins at DailyFX, dishing out insight on currencies like a boss. With a resume like that, no wonder she went on to co-found BKForex and get the title of Managing Director at BK Asset Management. Kathy’s a total trading trailblazer – she entered the game early and spent her 20s dominating.

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  1. Elizabeth Stark

You must have heard of Elizabeth Stark, one of the boss ladies in blockchain. Not only is she the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, helping scale and speed up Bitcoin transactions, but she’s also spreading her crypto knowledge far and wide. 

Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth is an educator and advocate for open Internet technology. She shares wisdom as a fellow at Coin Center and advisor at Chia, in addition to running Lightning Labs. Elizabeth is out here pushing the boundaries of what blockchain can do while empowering others along the way. She’s a passionate leader pioneering practical applications to drive crypto adoption and innovation.

  1. Jennifer Fan

The famous trader, Jennifer Fan, has been bossing it up since her teens. She graduated from NYU’s Stern School at just 19 years young before heading to Wall Street. Fan was making big moves at the top firms before founding her own hedge fund, Arbalet Capital, in her 20s, causing a splash trading commodities. 

Jennifer later took her talents to Millennium Management, where she served as a portfolio manager. But she didn’t stop there; she’s now calling the shots as the CEO of Family Office, a powerhouse in private wealth and asset management. Forbes even named her one of their 30 Under 30 in Finance 2012. Talk about influence!

  1. Emilie Choi

Emilie Choi is a big deal in the crypto world, especially for her role as the VP of Business Development at Coinbase. She worked closely with CEO Brian Armstrong to take crypto mainstream and get institutional adoption. 

Emilie was instrumental in getting some huge names on board to use Coinbase’s platform. She helped convince many businesses that crypto is here to stay and that they need to get involved.

Beyond her leadership roles, Emilie has provided early funding for several fintech startups, helping them scale through. She’s been able to support innovative financial companies thanks to her success and knowledge from Coinbase.

  1. Arianna Simpson

The famous Arianna was on the crypto train way before the hype! She got into digital assets back in 2014, researching everything she could get her hands on. Also, she was an early employee at BitGo, helping them build multi-signature wallets when crypto was still underground. 

Then, our girl went on to launch Autonomous Partners, investing in projects before blockchain blew up. Now, Arianna lends her veteran expertise to a16z’s crypto fund. She also helped start Crystal Towers Capital, backing promising startups.  

  1. Raghee Horner

As far as trading is concerned, Raghee Horner has done it all. She has experience with everything from futures and equities to options and cryptocurrencies, and she can swing trade, day trade, or hold long-term. She’s the mastermind behind the GRaB and Wave Premium Indicator; it’s like having a secret sauce for trading success!

Horner’s trading game is all about sticking to the plan, mixing technical and fundamental analysis with price action. As Managing Director of Futures Trading and top content creator at Simpler Trading, she generously shares all her hard-won market wisdom. 

  1. Shay (Humbled Trader)

Shay, aka The Humbled Trader, knows the markets can be humbling—she lost over 20K when she first started trading! This self-taught phenomenon jumped into stocks back in 2014 after working in VFX. Like many newbies, she followed so-called “gurus” before realizing she needed to follow her own path. 


After some hard lessons, Shay developed her own price action and risk management strategies that work for her. Now, she runs the Humbled Trader Academy to help over 850K YouTube subscribers avoid newbie mistakes. Her channel keeps it real with everything from SEC filing breakdowns to trading recaps and strategies. She encourages analyzing the charts, journaling, and developing concrete plans. 

  1. Lucy Baldwin

Lucy Baldwin has been killing the game in finance since her early days! This trading superstar landed not just one Forbes 30 Under 30 nomination but two—back-to-back! Lucy started trading European equities at top investment banks like Goldman Sachs and BAML. Now she’s Global Head of Sales at Credit Suisse, managing big money like a true boss.


But Lucy knows trading success is about more than just IQ and technical skills. This woman says high EQ is key to nailing the discipline needed to thrive in the market. With major achievements already under her belt, Lucy is out here paving the way for women on Wall Street.

So, What About TOP Crypto Women?

So, in summary, these women and others play instrumental roles in growing the crypto and finance industry, just like the influential men in the sector. Their contributions have been vital to advancing blockchain technology and adoption. Expect to keep seeing these names as their influence in crypto continues.