They don’t care what you think about them; they’re a new breed of women who, when their feet hit the ground, the digital world takes notice. They’ve looked at the wild world of the crypto world in the eye, and the women entrepreneurs are at the helm of successful NFT projects. This article celebrates a list of women-led NFT projects you can follow.   


Women in Blockchain Leadership 

The tech industry isn’t what most people think it is. There’s a stubborn perception that men drive most projects dealing with blockchain and non-fungible tokens. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it doesn’t represent the whole truth. Despite being historically misrepresented in tech, there’s a growing list of successful women in digital art and innovation. The following is a list of projects dealing with crypto collectibles led exclusively by women.    

  1. World of Women 

Launched in July 2012, World of Women is among the leading high-end NFT projects in the crypto world. The project boasts over 10,000 unique and diverse crypto collectibles endorsed by celebrities like Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon. The project became so successful it created a WoW fund and dedicated 15% of its income towards supporting upcoming NFT artists. The fund also supports numerous women-led projects and organizations like Code Green NFT. 

  1. Boss Beauties 

Boss Beauties is another successful female-led digital art project that’s making waves in the non-fungible tokens sphere. The project was founded by Lisa Mayer, a renowned activist fighting for the education and empowerment of girls and women. 

Boss Beauties has attained several impressive achievements during its time, including being the first-ever NFT project to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. The project is a collection of over 10,000 female avatars covering different roles and is supported by leading celebrities, including Morgan Lake and Jade Roper Tolbert.

  1. Women Tribe

Designed by a 22-year-old Portuguese girl called Izzy, the Women Tribe NFT collection comprises art and music. Izzy ventured into art in late 2019 after being unable to return to work as a result of a debilitating heart condition, and she never looked back. 

Izzy’s NFT series collection is an innovation digitally generated from a collection of over 900 hand-written drafts that form features of colorful female characters. The collection has over 10,000 NFTs, some of which integrate pieces of music tracks. The Women Tribe donates 5% of its profits to the OutRight International EmpowerHER program, a scholarship program that aims to support fellow women.      

  1. The Flower Girls 

The Flower Girls is an award-winning digital art project that features the works of legendary artist Varvara Lay, who describes her work as a “detailed imaginary world of her dreams.” According to the website, the collection consists of over 10,000 individual pieces that can form over six sextillion combinations. Such diverse possibilities make the Flower Girls one of the most unique NFT projects.    

Top Female-min
  1. Fame Lady Squad

The Fame Lady Society (FLSoc) embodies the decentralized nature of Web3, as the first significant generative project centered on women. It’s led by a dedicated, volunteer Council of elected community members, committed to preserving the legacy of this historic asset.

Despite facing two major “rugs” by previous leadership, FLSoc remains community-driven, due to the ability to wrap tokens into the new Fame Lady Society contract. This ensures all royalties from secondary sales are donated to charitable causes and gives every token holder, regardless of the number of tokens owned, an equal vote, reinforcing the community’s values. The FLSoc community is passionate, women-focused, and are proud of the positive impact their project has on the Web3 space.

  1. Women and Weapons 

The Women and Weapons NFT collection is the brainchild of Sara Baumann, a renowned Iranian-American artist living in Dallas, Texas. The former occupational therapist started selling art as a side hustle before fully plunging into the world of non-fungible tokens after beginning painting to relieve stress. 

Finally, her husband convinced her to mint her works as NFTs, and made history after selling her collection within a minute of Gary Vaynerchuk buying three of her NFTs. Following the successful venture, Baumann expanded her series and now donates 5% of her profits to charity via the Malala Fund Charity, which supports girls and women who have trouble accessing quality education.   

  1. Wow Pixies

WoW, Pixies is an exclusively female-led DAO that sells pixelated non-fungible tokens to acquire NFTs designed solely by women. After voting on which NFT to purchase using the Pixie NFTs as individual votes, the community sells the NFTs they acquired. The project donates 5 ETH from each sale to MMIW USA and MMIW Canada each. The two organizations are involved in finding missing women and aiding families of murder victims with ways to process their grief.

  1. Crypto Chicks 

Crypto Chicks features over 10,000 digital illustrations of women from diverse backgrounds. The non-fungible tokens series founded by Madeline Lieber and Elissa Maercklein consists of colorful, fashionable, and fun elements of Crypto Chicks that became a force to reckon with as soon as they were launched. The two women who are vocal about the heavily male-dominated blockchain industry aim to use Crypto Chicks NFTs to build a digital community that desires to use Web3 to empower women.  

  1. 8SIAN

8SIAN founder Nicole Yap swung into action after realizing Asian women were seriously underrepresented in tech, particularly crypto collectible industries. The series comprises 8,888 non-fungible tokens featuring Asian women, each with a distinct story and cultural background. 

The name 8SIAN is derived from the number 8, symbolizing success, wealth, and prosperity in Chinese culture. Since the number also represents balance, Nicole believes it’s the best way to fight the gender imbalance within the NFT space. 

The 8SIAN community has successfully influenced the flow of funds towards events that provide blockchain scholarships. Moreover, 8SIAN’s roadmap indicates the project has plans to venture into the metaverse to enable NFT owners to use their characters in the virtual worlds.

There are many advantages of having women entrepreneurs within the Web3 space, especially dealing with non-fungible tokens. Besides introducing diversity into the world of digital art, women-led NFT projects bring different experiences and perspectives that are uniquely feminine, thereby making the world of crypto-collectibles richer in experience. As more women jump into the blockchain space, we can only expect multiple perspectives to surface as other underrepresented groups finally get included.