Ronaldo and Messi’s promotion of Solana meme coin WATER has left many fans and crypto enthusiasts at the mercy of their imaginations as many people wonder WTF? (what’s the function). But the apparent confusion has not stopped people from going into a buying frenzy for WATER. 

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After both football legends posted advertisements about the meme coin, WATER’s market cap became flooded. The Solana meme coin skyrocketed 194% to a market cap of $65 million in just 24 hours. It sounds like the football icons still know how to get the ball rolling, right? 

What is so strange about this promotion is that people are not so used to celebrities promoting seemingly random coins. It just doesn’t happen that much. Usually, when celebrities post about meme coins, their identities are pasted all over the coins. Everyone still remembers Iggy Azalea’s meme coin, MOTHER. Or who can forget the Andrew Tate-backed Daddy Tate meme coin? Or Trump’s coin MAGA?

Celebrities worldwide are fond of making their own meme coins and making a huge fuss about them, the latest being Nigerian popstar Davido’s $DAVIDO. So naturally, everyone is confused because Messi is not promoting a Messi coin, and Ronaldinho isn’t promoting his own coin either.

When stuff like this happens, you can definitely expect conspiracy theories to pop up like acne. The leading theory is that the football star’s Instagram accounts were hacked, but there has been no proof of that so far. Messi’s WATER post stayed up for a full 24 hours as he continued to post Copa America content.

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The theory, though yet to be confirmed, is reasonable. We have seen many celebrity social media accounts hacked to promote meme coins for pump-and-dump schemes. However, these posts have stayed up, unlike similar posts by celebrities including 50 Cent, Hulk Hogan, Metallica, and Doja Cat. This points to no sign of foul play. 

It is also well-known that both Messi and Ronaldinho have some connection with the crypto world, even before these posts. Messi is a brand ambassador for fan token platform Socios and Sorare, the NFT fantasy football game. Ronaldinho is also known to have backed a crypto project called Lingo. There was also a crypto pyramid scheme traded on Ronaldinho’s name and image, which the legend denied.


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As it stands, neither Messi nor Ronaldinho have commented about the mysterious WATER posts, leaving everyone suspicious. On the WATER coin website, the project was branded a “Charity token,” and although the details of the charity are very vague, some people have thought perhaps the posts were to raise awareness about the charity token. 

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Everyone can keep cooking up theories about the posts and the WATER coin, but seeing as there has been no comment by the footballers, we’ll never know the true details, at least not until they say something. But we do know is that the team at WATER is certainly enjoying the market cap flood that has flown their way.

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