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  • Sandbox Gameplay
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Sandbox Overview

The sandbox is a virtual world where users can build on the Ethereum blockchain. In the virtual world, people can play, build, monetize gaming and own assets (like real estate). 

In 2012, when flip phones and dial-up internet still ruled, Sandbox began as a mobile game. Fast forward to 2015, and it made its PC debut. Think of it as upgrading from black-and-white TV to 4K gaming. Then, in 2019, there was a virtual land sale frenzy. Discounts of up to 40% were thrown around as if a make-believe deal could make your digital land a hot commodity. 

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Source: The Sandbox

 Pre-sales continued throughout 2020. With a current market cap of $ 627 million, now in the present day, Sandbox is strutting its stuff as the fourth-largest metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain.

In 2018, the blockchain gamification giant, Animoca Brands swooped in like a superhero to acquire Sandbox along with Axie Infinity. They wanted to create a billion-dollar voxel empire. It’s like they saw Minecraft and thought, “Let’s make it blockchain-y and make billions.” And it worked! achieving sales exceeding $1 billion, Animoca Brands has a growing portfolio of more than 450 Web3 investments.

Sandbox has become a community-driven gaming environment where creators strike it rich with their virtual masterpieces, with no real-world messes to clean up! It’s like a playground for dreams and profits, minus the chore list. The Sandbox franchise, which began in on iOS and Android smartphones, boasts impressive numbers.

So Far:

  • 40 million downloads;
  • The latest iteration, The Sandbox Evolution, has 1.2 million Monthly Active Users, peaking at 2.6 million;
  • 70 million player-created worlds;
  • Over 100,000 new worlds are created daily.

Sandbox Gameplay 

Sandbox offers a dynamic and unique gameplay experience.  It’s like that secret cheat code for gamers, unlocking a dynamic and one-of-a-kind experience. Here, you’re not just playing; you’re creating and cashing in on your digital art using blockchain and NFT magic. 

The inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represents digital treasures like characters, objects, and real estate. Players can now trade, sell, and buy assets in the Sandbox marketplace since they have true ownership of their creations. This blockchain-based ownership model provides players with a sense of ownership as well as the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency (SAND tokens) for their creative work.

Source: Gameranx

In the Sandbox Metaverse, players can own and customize virtual parcels of land. These “LANDS” enable players to create and monetize games within the metaverse. LANDS can be modified by their owners. Players can also combine LANDS to form “ESTATES,” and in the future, multiple players can own “DISTRICTS.” Avatars are voxel representations of players that can be customized with compatible ASSET tokens.

Game design is an important part of Sandbox’s gameplay. Players can create rules, behaviours, objectives, and interactions for their assets using the Game Maker, thereby building their own games within the platform. This includes establishing quests, challenges, puzzles, and adventures for other players to participate in. Additionally, gamers can work together to create and play games, building a social and dynamic community within the site.

Players who explore The Sandbox have the chance to discover themselves in a world populated by a wide range of user-generated experiences. They can go on adventures, work out riddles, interact with other characters, and explore diverse worlds that other people have created. 

Another interesting aspect of The Sandbox’s gameplay is monetization. Creators here are like digital entrepreneurs, making money by selling their virtual treasures in the platform’s marketplace. It’s like turning your gaming den into a cash factory. This encourages talented creators to devote time and energy to their work in the hopes of making money from their virtual works.

Sandbox features a variety of global and blockchain-native IP integrations allowing players to interact with brands and franchises in the virtual world.For new users, the requirement to purchase LAND and SAND tokens may be a barrier to entry, thereby limiting their ability to access and use the network.
The platform provides a wealth of user-generated content, missions, and experiences to discover and enjoy, creating a vibrant gaming community.The onboarding process may be difficult for beginners who are not familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Sandbox Rewards System and Tokenomics

The Sandbox rewards system incentivizes and encourages various activities within the virtual world. Users can earn SAND tokens through a variety of activities, like asset creation, where users create and design assets they can sell in the marketplace, and quests and challenges where Players can complete quests and challenges designed by creators or the platform. Additional rewards include; game maker funds, governance rewards, staking, farming and many more.


The utility token SAND is the foundation for all transactions and interactions inside The Sandbox ecosystem. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 utility coin. Gamers, developers, and publishers will use it throughout the ecosystem, enabling Creators and Players to exchange ASSETS and GAMES and create a platform based on rewards.

ERC-1155 tokens are used to represent user-generated digital assets to assure the permanent scarcity and verified rarity of non-fungible commodities. Each token has a distinctive identity and may also be equipped with optionally stored unique features.


Gameplay Guide

Sandbox is a fun and interesting virtual world where users may create, explore, and share their own creations. Getting started is simple regardless of your gaming experience or familiarity with the Sandbox realm.

Getting Started:

  • Visit The Sandbox Website: Begin by using any browser to access the Sandbox website.
  • Connect a Crypto Wallet: Once you arrive at the website, you will be asked to connect a crypto wallet. If you don’t have one, click on “Create account”.
  • Submit your email and pick a username.
  • Verify your email and create your avatar.
  • Discover and Start Playing.
  • Learn About Voxels: The Sandbox graphics are reminiscent of Minecraft, characterized by a blocky aesthetic. These cubic elements of the world are referred to as “voxels.”

Helpful Tips to Kickstart Sandbox Adventure:

  1. Start Small, Save the Drama: Begin with a basic project; don’t go overboard. Learn the ropes before attempting your magnum opus.
  2. Learn from others, you ain’t Picasso yet: Study the Hub’s creations for ideas. After all, even the experts were once beginners.
  3. Embrace the Chaos: Play around with various ASSETs and mechanics. Real learning occurs when we fail brilliantly. 
  4. Join community events for rewards.
  5. Share or Be Square: Post your creations in the Sandbox Hub for feedback, criticism, and the occasional troll. It’s the internet, what did you expect?

Creating in The Sandbox

Creating in The Sandbox is like giving your imagination a free ticket to a virtual theme park! With a smorgasbord of voxel models (NFTs) and the trusty VoxEdit, crafting 3D games is a breeze. Whether you’re a coding whiz or a tech newbie, this user-friendly platform won’t throw code curveballs at you. Once your digital masterpiece is ready, showcase it in the gallery, leaving an indelible mark on the metaverse. 

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What sets The Sandbox apart? Say goodbye to coding headaches! You can bring your game to life, tweak it, and fine-tune it without becoming a programming guru. It’s all about unleashing creativity in this no-code wonderland. So, whether you’re up for brain-busting puzzles, epic adventures, or interactive art, the sandbox is the place to be.

Final Words

Sandbox is a blockchain-driven wonderland where you can build your virtual empire, create digital assets, and even make some SAND tokens. But here’s the catch: if you’re not crypto-savvy, you might find yourself in over your head. So, saddle up, get your crypto knowledge on point, and get ready to ride the virtual frontier of gaming. It’s wild out there, but the rewards are as big as your imagination.

Source: The Sandbox


Is SAND a good investment in 2023?

Investing in SAND, like any crypto venture, comes with its share of risks. Take the last week, for instance, SAND had a 5.35% dip, courtesy of the bearish bunch. Based on the current price, SAND looks like a good investment.

What is the predicted price of The Sandbox in 2023?

Based on technical analysis, SAND might be reaching for the stars in 2023, with a maximum price range of $0.4 to $0.5421. Predicting crypto prices is like trying to predict which way a squirrel will zigzag across the road – it’s a bit of a wild ride. So, while technical analysis can give you a sneak peek into the future, it’s not a magic eight-ball.

What will be worth of SAND in 2025?

According to cryptocurrency experts’ technical analysis, Sandbox (SAND) is expected to have the lowest and maximum prices of around $1.00 and $1.18 in 2025. During that time, the expected average trading price is around $1.03.

Will SAND reach $10?

Well, we’re talking about the future, Crypto fortunes take time and reaching double digits for The Sandbox might just be in the cards if the stars align just right like after the flying cars 2050. Yes, it is possible that The SAND can reach $10 by then.

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