It’s not too late to interrupt your quick chats on Telegram with a few ads for our beloved creators to earn a token for their frequent broadcasts. 

Online messaging app Telegram has announced a new ad platform which will launch in March 2024 on the TON blockchain. The ad platform will open new monetization models for creators to share revenue earnings.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov is like, I don’t always pay creators but when I do, it’s always a 50:50 split, 

When making the announcement, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said creators will receive 50% of any revenue made by displaying advertisements on their channels.  

That friend of yours who used to broadcast ‘Good Morning’ greetings to his list of girlfriends can now turn his obsession into a side hustle.

Channels on Telegram came out on September 15 2015 as a replacement for Broadcast Lists which the social media app had launched a year before. In those days, the feature quickly gained traction in regions where freedom of speech was a luxury. Over the years, they have continued recording exponential growth as the perfect tool for broadcasting messages to unlimited numbers of people. 

It appears Telegram admins have stumbled upon a gold mine bigger than the pile of unread messages in their family group chat! 


We hope they will stop deleting our posts for not following their too many rules. It’s a decentralized world, can’t anyone share and distribute links with whoever they want to? 

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As of this writing, channels have been generating 1 trillion monthly views with Telegram only monetizing 10% of that staggering traffic. 

Creators will receive their revenue in Toncoin -the utility token of Telegram’s open network, TON blockchain. This will enhance the process of cashing out and make it easy for creators to reinvest their earnings to promote their channels.

$TON Price Performance

Toncoin ($TON) trading volume has increased by 664% in the last 24 hours following the announcement with each piece trading for $2.49. The token is presently at position 15 among the largest cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap with a market cap of $8.9 billion.

All-time price history of TON
All-time price history of TON

The TON ecosystem started increasing in growth and interest towards the close of 2023 after Animoca announced it would become the blockchain’s largest validator and build Web3 games on Telegram. This pushed Toncoin to a $9 billion market cap enabling it to clinch the 10th position on the top 10 list of biggest cryptocurrencies. While speaking to press officials at the Next Block Expo, Yat Siu, CEO of Animoca said the validator agreement would constitute purchasing an undisclosed amount of $TON.

So… What to sum up

As the Telegram ad platform gears up for its March 2024 launch, creators are realizing the sky’s the limit—unless they’re astronauts, in which case $TON’s recent stellar performance would make SpaceX appear like a lunar Uber service. 

After all, the final destination for Telegram’s ecosystem could be further away from the moon. 

With channels booming with trillions of traffic, and Toncoin trading hotter than a viral tweet, one thing’s for sure, even your grandma’s morning chain messages might just turn a profit on Telegram.