Adrenaline junkies of the MixMob racing game are just about to grace an intergalactic space helmet from the Star Wars Franchise.

MixMob, a Solana-based racing game, announced they will be adding the legendary StormTrooper character from the 1977 Star Wars Installment, A New Hope. As per the announcement on X, the licensing will allow adding the game as a tradeable digital collectible and playable character.

The fascinating part about MixMob’s acquisition of Stormtrooper’s rights is the license wasn’t brokered with LucasFilm or Disney, the creators of the Star Wars movie. Instead, MixMob secured the rights from Andrew Ainsworth and Shepperton Design Studios. 

Starwars prop maker Andrew  Ainsworth 

In 1976, 27-year-old Andrew Ainsworth designed the legendary stormtrooper helmet for Disney’s  Star Wars. 4 decades later, LucasFilm which owns Star Wars filed a lawsuit against the prop maker to block him from selling the $3,000 helmet. Fortunately for Ainsworth, he won the case and could sell his creations without being concerned with litigation.  

And that leads us to 2024 and the Deal with MixMob

MixMob is bringing this very cultural sensation to its racing and card strategy game. However, a spokesman from the gaming brand informed press officials the deal was limited to the design of  “A New Hope” 

The good news is that major pop culture is coming to NFT gaming through a roadmap that Mixmob says will make it the highest-grossing media franchise.hodl-post-image

In its plan, the game’s mission is to bring more licensed characters and content as it prepares to debut in Q2 of 2024.

With Web3 gaming lately, everything is moving so fast, it’s like a 4-year-old kid. Every week, he dreams of being something new when he levels up. One day, a fearless warrior, battling dragons in a fantasy realm. The next day, a skilled strategist leading armies to victory in a war simulation. Now, he wants to be an iconic Stormtrooper from the intergalactic wars.

Even though things are moving this fast, and MixMob has not announced details about the NFT Sale, stay keen to avoid missing out like an imperial stormtrooper. However, it is likely that holders of the Geno Masks and Geno MixBots will have priority access to the mint once it kicks off.

Source: Starwars.Fandom.Com
Source: Starwars.Fandom.Com

MXM, the utility token of the game which launched on February 1 is exchanging hands at $0.1208 as per data from CoinMarketcap. The game recorded remarkable success with the launch of its NFT collection which sold 9,000 tokens within 12 minutes and generated $2.25 million. 

MXM daily price chart by CoinMarketCap
MXM daily price chart by CoinMarketCap

The recent developments on the MixMob ecosystem seem to have positively impacted the price of the MXM token which has recorded a 7.48% over the last 24-hours. Aside from that, the team has promised to bolster its official licensing strategy by securing three more by the end of 2024.