Bitcoin’s 15th Birthday: A Journey of Triumph

On January 3, Bitcoin celebrates its 15th birthday, marking the mining of its genesis block in 2009. From overcoming skepticism to mainstream adoption, Bitcoin has become the 9th most valuable asset globally, with a market cap nearing $900 billion. The journey includes the rise of Bitcoin ATMs, close to 1 million mined blocks, and milestones like El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

MixMob Unleashes ‘Race-to-Earn’ Game on Solana

Crypto gaming startup MixMob has just rolled out Racer 1, a thrilling Solana-based racing game where players can bet on matches or earn tokens for victorious races. The game, described as “race-to-earn,” allows players to stake their MXM tokens, unlocking exclusive benefits. A public sale for MixBot NFT bundles and MXM tokens is scheduled for January 11, bringing more excitement to the MixMob community.

Source: MixMob

Exclusive Perks for Solana Saga Phone Owners

Saga phone owners are in for a treat. MixMob is offering exclusive perks for these owners, including a unique airdrop and a Saga-only Racer 1 tournament slated for the first quarter of this year.

IRS Enforces Reporting on $10k+ Crypto Transactions

Changes are afoot in the U.S. Provisions from the bipartisan infrastructure bill are now in effect, requiring crypto brokers to report transactions exceeding $10,000 to the IRS. This move aims to shrink the tax gap but has left many scratching their heads on how to comply. The lack of guidance from the IRS on reporting guidelines has raised concerns about potential difficulties for users in meeting these requirements.


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