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There are many things we should talk about today with Binance announcing a $5 million reward to tip-offs for insider trading, Abritrum whales moving $58M worth of tokens after unlocking, and Bitcoin retracing back to $68,000.

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For this one, our main topic is the rising popularity of memecoin presales, thanks to the ongoing frenzy on the Solana Network where degenerates are growing million dollar investment portfolios from mere thousands. Our itinerary will include:

  • Millions of dollars are going to memes
  • Degens are staking as much as $180,000 on individual projects.
  • Book of Memes ($BOME) is topping the charts after attaining a capitalization of $1.45 billion in under 56 hours of launching.
  • But what are pre-sales? Stick to the end, to find out!

Bull Market Fever in Favor of Meme Projects

To the memecoin community, life’s a joke until it’s not. It’s hard to keep laughing at the memes once you witness the hefty sums flowing into memecoin presales, thanks to the market’s bullish momentum in recent days.

It seems investors are the least worried about losing their investments owing to these projects’ ability to ‘memerize’ them into buying these presales before one even realizes what hit them.


Nowadays, instead of throwing tantrums as was the norm during the bear cycle which saw Bitcoin drop to $15,000, individuals are now throwing big bucks into joke-inspired blockchain tokens. The end goal is to yield immense profits, and in the worst scenario- lose everything.

Make a funny joke to incorporate into my article about the mannerisms of meme coins when creating and deploying meme coin presales which may end up eating up capital and investors losing money due to the risks. 

Solana-based Memecoin Presale Surpass $100 in the Previous 3-days

Data indicates transactions on Solana meant for buying SOL-based meme pre-sales have surpassed $100 million in the last 72 hours.

Popular X user Nick the CryptoCrusader wrote on his timeline that degens are putting between $90,000 to $180,000 into meme projects, which is absolutely insane given that the majority of them lack an actual use case.

According to reports, the most traded Solana memecoins in terms of presale fundraising include: 

  1. Book of Memes;
  2. Nostalgia;
  3. Nap.

And these are not the only ones making in the industry. Dogwifhat made headlines after it became the first of its kind to raise $650,000 meant for getting it on the Las Vegas Sphere. 

The project raised the funds within 3 days resulting in an upward momentum that saw the token achieve an all-time high of $3.40.

Investor Who Made $32 million out of $72,000 using Solana Coins

But on Solana, that’s where all the noise is happening. 

Lookonchain surprised its followers with news of an investor who turned an investment of 420.69 sol into a whopping $32 million within a span of 3-days. The investment was approximately worth $72,000 when the trader bought into the Book of Meme presale, a Solana-based project.

The Book of Meme (BOME), a project that touts itself as the universal encyclopedia of memes, has rallied by 36,000% since its launch on March 14 by Darkfarms1. The token achieved a $1.45 billion market capitalization within 56-hours.

In a nutshell, there are 4 steps to a memecoin presale:

Step 1: Generating interest through vibrant community and social media building;

Step 2: Inviting the community to subscribe to your presale;

Step 3: The project raises funds, and then launches a token;

Step 4: High demand for the token after launch pumps its price further;

Step 5: And degens reap immense profits.

The buyer has to trust the project’s vision because they will send their money to a wallet address and then wait for the team to disburse tokens once it goes live. Also, it’s not everytime that demand for the token rises. The price could fall, and investors could lose lots of money. That’s the risky side of meme coins. 

More Info:

Various industry figures have bashed out presales and labeled them as mere Ponzi schemes or rug pulls. This is because the sector has normalized referrals, in addition, it is prevalent for these projects to disappear immediately after raising money.

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