OurSky, a Southern California-based technology company, is on a mission to democratize space exploration by making powerful telescopes accessible to amateur astronomers. With the recent launch of its network of telescopes connected via API, OurSky aims to combine artificial intelligence and open-source technology to revolutionize stargazing. This article explores the innovative approach of OurSky, its funding success, the power of open-source collaboration, and the potential impact on the astronomy community.

OurSky Co-Founders Dan Roelker and Alex Hawkinson. Source: Decrypt

OurSky’s Vision for Amateur Astronomers

OurSky, founded in 2021 by Dan Roelker and Alex Hawkinson, has set out to empower amateur astronomers by providing them with the tools they need to explore space like never before. By combining artificial intelligence and open-source technology, OurSky aims to transform the way people engage with the sky, enabling developers to unlock vast amounts of astronomical data and create innovative applications.

You can make an API request for data, have real-time information back very quickly from this global array of [telescopes], and then do things with it—and encourage developers to use those APIs to build all sorts of applications that are going to unlock the avalanche of data that we’ve got and huge opportunities.

Alex Hawkinon, OurSky co-founder and chairman. Source: Decrypt

Funding Success and Investor Backing

The ambitious goals of OurSky have garnered significant attention and support from investors. Recently, the company closed a seed funding round, raising an impressive $9.5 million. Notable investors include Upfront Ventures, Oceans Ventures, Venrex Investment Management, Marlinspike Partners, and Embedded Ventures. This strong financial backing is a testament to the potential impact and market demand for OurSky’s open-source approach to astronomy.

Embracing the Power of Open-Source Collaboration

At the core of OurSky’s philosophy is the belief in the power of open-source collaboration. The company has built a network of 55 telescopes across 20 locations, encouraging amateur astronomers to join and contribute their data. By sharing their findings and participating in citizen science projects, these enthusiasts can enhance data collection and analysis, driving collective discoveries and aiding in the tracking of space debris.

Democratizing Space Exploration with Affordable Subscriptions

OurSky offers a range of subscription tiers to cater to different needs and budgets. Each tier provides increasing tracking capabilities and support. The free plan allows users to track two nightly objects, while the higher tiers offer more objects and prioritization features. By offering affordable subscription options, OurSky aims to ensure that amateur astronomers of all levels can access important data and photographs without the burden of expensive equipment or processing tasks.


The Future of Astronomy: Artificial Intelligence Integration

While OurSky’s current focus is on building its open-source platform, the company has plans to integrate artificial intelligence into its offerings. By leveraging AI, astronomers can benefit from more advanced and expansive tools for exploring the cosmos. The potential for AI to aid in the identification and classification of celestial phenomena opens up new possibilities for scientific breakthroughs and a deeper understanding of the universe.

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OurSky’s innovative approach to astronomy, combining open-source technology, artificial intelligence, and affordable subscriptions, is poised to revolutionize space exploration for amateur astronomers. By democratizing access to powerful telescopes and promoting collaboration through citizen science, OurSky empowers enthusiasts to contribute to scientific research and make collective discoveries. As the company continues to evolve and integrate AI into its platform, the future of astronomy holds exciting possibilities for exploration and knowledge.

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