Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, renowned for its contribution to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, has joined forces with United States-based AI biologics firm, Absci. This partnership aims to revolutionize cancer treatment by harnessing the immense potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to design innovative antibody therapeutics. With AstraZeneca’s commitment to invest up to $247 million, this collaboration holds the promise of transforming the landscape of cancer research and treatment.


A Paradigm Shift in Cancer Research

AstraZeneca’s bold collaboration with Absci signifies a paradigm shift in the field of cancer research. By leveraging the power of AI, researchers hope to unlock new possibilities and accelerate the discovery of effective antibody therapeutics. This transformative approach has the potential to not only enhance existing cancer treatments but also pave the way for revolutionary breakthroughs in combating this formidable disease.

Advancing the frontiers of cancer biology gives us the necessary insights to develop treatments that can successfully shut down cancer growth. By working with our great scientists within AZ and our stellar partners, we are closer than ever to realizing our bold ambition to eliminate cancer as a cause of death.

Puja Sapra
Senior Vice President, Biologics Engineering & Oncology Targeted Delivery

The Zero-Shot Generative AI Model

At the heart of this collaboration lies the creation of a zero-shot generative AI model. This cutting-edge technology empowers researchers to swiftly generate new antibody candidates and improve upon existing ones. By rapidly screening billions of cells each week, Absci’s AI platform expedites the journey from antibody discovery to lab-validated candidates in an astonishingly short span of six weeks. This remarkable speed and efficiency hold immense promise for accelerating the development of life-saving cancer treatments.

Source: Absci

AstraZeneca’s Commitment to Innovation

AstraZeneca’s investment of up to $247 million underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation and the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions. This substantial financial backing not only demonstrates the company’s confidence in AI’s potential but also provides Absci with the necessary resources to push the boundaries of cancer research. By combining AstraZeneca’s expertise and Absci’s cutting-edge AI technology, the stage is set for a transformative collaboration that could redefine the future of cancer treatment.


Revolutionizing Biologics Discovery

The integration of AI into the biologics discovery process represents a significant leap forward. AI’s capabilities extend beyond traditional methods, enabling researchers to enhance the speed and success rate of discovering biologics. Furthermore, this technology broadens the diversity of biologics that can be identified, paving the way for more personalized and effective treatments. AstraZeneca’s partnership with Absci opens up a world of possibilities in the quest for conquering cancer.


The partnership between AstraZeneca and Absci marks a pivotal moment in the fight against cancer. By harnessing the power of AI and investing in innovative research, these industry leaders are poised to revolutionize cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes.

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The zero-shot generative AI model, coupled with AstraZeneca’s substantial financial commitment, holds the promise of accelerating the discovery and development of life-saving antibody therapeutics. As the boundaries of scientific exploration are pushed further, we stand on the cusp of a new era in cancer research—one where AI-driven innovation may hold the key to unlocking breakthroughs that will change the lives of millions.

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