In the world of modern technology, the unimaginable is becoming a reality. This time, the realms of AI and modeling have intersected. How are they connected, you might ask? It’s quite simple: models generated through artificial intelligence (AI) are participating in the first-ever “Miss AI” pageant.

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Finalists for the “Miss AI”. Source: Yahoo

We’ve got some bad news for those who were ready to grab a seat and watch these beauties strut their stuff in swimsuits. The contestants have no physical presence. They exist solely on social media, primarily on Instagram, as photorealistic images of incredibly beautiful young women — all crafted using a combination of standard and proprietary AI technologies.

The Miss AI contestants are judged not only on their looks and posts. There are also two unconventional criteria that aren’t typically part of beauty pageant judging: the skill with which the AI creators use the technology to make their models look hyper-realistic, and how deeply and quickly these avatars engage their audience on social media.

AI’s Beauty Contest

As per the event organizer, a panel consisting of four judges meticulously sifted through 1,500 entries to select the top 10 finalists. This marks the inaugural installment of a series of competitions for AI content creators, initiated by the British online platform FanVue, operating under the title of “The FanVue World AI Creator Awards.” The results of the Miss AI contest are planned to be published by the end of June.

Though these beauty queens aren’t real women, the winner will receive a genuine cash prize of $5,000. FanVue is also offering sponsorship and mentorship bonuses to the first-place winner and the two runners-up.

The controversial nature of the contest, combined with the use of AI technology, has proven to be a magnet for media and public attention. Simply put, sexy images of artificial women are an easy way of engaging with fans.

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In an interview, beauty pageant historian and Miss AI judge Sally-Ann Fawcett said she hopes to change these stereotypes “from the inside” by focusing her judging efforts on the messages of these AI beauty queens, not just their looks.

“Since they’re all stunning, I want someone I can proudly call an AI ambassador and role model to deliver brilliant and inspiring messages, not just say, ‘Hey, I’m really hot!'” Fawcett said.

Selecting the Digital Beauties

Creating a photorealistic human is no small feat. More importantly, Miss AI is not your typical beauty pageant. It’s about showcasing AI as a marketing tool — particularly in the realm of AI influencers.

Just like in real pageants, the Miss AI contestants share stories about the noble causes their characters support. As an example, the French avatar Anne Kerdi holds the position of brand ambassador for the ocean conservation fund Océanopolis Acts.

Kerdi campaigns for ocean preservation in France. Source: Yahoo

Aiyana Rainbow, from Romania, champions LGBTQ rights, inspiring fans to promote love, equal rights, and peace for people from all walks of life.

Source: Yahoo

Mohammad Talha Saray, a member of the team based in Ankara, Turkey, responsible for creating one of the Miss AI finalists, Seren Ay, with her distinctive red hair and green eyes, revealed that they crafted the AI model approximately five to six months ago. This creation served as a brand ambassador for their e-commerce jewelry company.

Seren Ay. Source: Yahoo

Saray noted that his jewelry business has experienced a tenfold increase in growth since Seren Ay was introduced. Her social media videos attract millions of views.

All the contestants are impressive and contribute positively as budding AI influencers. However, judge Sally-Ann Fawcett expressed her desire for greater diversity among the competition entries.

I’d love to see someone of a different gender, someone bigger, older, someone with imperfections. There’s such a wide range. But I think since it’s the first year, everyone is sticking to the typical beauty stereotype.

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But here’s the question, folks: why are real people judging the attractiveness of AI models? Wouldn’t it be fairer to let AI handle that task? After all, who better appreciate the fine art of pixel perfection than a fellow bundle of algorithms? Plus, the AI judges wouldn’t need snack breaks or bathroom runs!

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