As generative models continue to break the mold, enable machines to transcend ordinary data replication, and change how we think about creativity and machine intelligence, they hit many sectors below the belt. To avoid being left behind, Google is overhauling its search engine technology to remain relevant in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-powered search engines.

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If you’re a Google user, look for AI-generated summaries on top of your many search results. That’s because Google is strengthening its search engine capabilities through “AI Overviews,” beginning with U.S.-based users before finally rolling them out globally. No more sweating since the AI overviews are meant to eliminate the donkey work from searching so you can focus on more critical priorities.

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A Suite of AI-powered Features

While the decision to integrate artificial intelligence into its search engine could be intended to make it more competent and intelligible, it could also be a reaction to an imminent loss of a multi-billion contract with Samsung to Microsoft’s Bing.

Running under the title “Project Magi” it  will introduce a suite of AI-powered features announced during an I/O developer conference, showing Google’s seriousness in keeping its competitive edge by developing a search experience rivaling the OpenAI chatbot technology-powered Bing Search.

Dubbed the ‘Search Generative Experience’ (SGE), the AI-driven search experience will run under the shell Google Gemini, similar to Open AI’s ChatGPT. However, it’s designed to be cleverer than ChatGPT since it can analyze the ‘context’ within which a search query is made and non-text content such as images, audio, and video.

The Big Question

Whether incorporating AI will make the search experience pointless or improve it is the big question. According to Google, AI overviews are designed to enhance your experience by offering a general sense of the answer you’re looking for and suggesting links to resources you need to check.

Suppose you need help organizing your day. In that case, they’ve got your back: the development comprises a planning tool that automatically generates meal plans or trip itineraries based on a single input. Also included is an AI-centric way to organize your result page with suggestions about what restaurants you can visit in a new city and proposals for date night or business meeting venues even before you ask.  

Time for Business to Act

Google’s re-designed AI-powered search capabilities are poised to create tectonic plate movements within the search landscape. If all happens according to plan, it will provide an excellent opportunity for anyone who understands the power of positive changes and goes a step further to prepare for the same.   

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This will also be a great opportunity for businesses to optimize their products via good product descriptions, unique and engaging content and images, and well-indexed sites so they can be more likely to be featured by Google. In the meantime, website owners may want to consider technical website audits and revise their SEO plans to avoid the possibility of seeing a significant drop in their traffic for failing to act.   

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