Alright, crypto cowboys and cowgirls, gather ‘round the blockchain bonfire because it’s storytime in the Wild Wild Web3, starring none other than our favorite martian meme maestro, Elon Musk. This tale isn’t about rockets or cybertrucks; no, it’s about something even more volatile – Bitcoin, and how Elon’s darlings, Tesla and SpaceX, are riding the BTC bronco with a saddlebag stuffed with a serious amount of BTC.

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Here’s the scoop from the crypto sheriffs over at Arkham Intelligence: they’ve been tracking the hoofprints and found the stash. Tesla’s got a digital Fort Knox with a stunning 11.5k BTC in it, and SpaceX? They’re not lagging with a cool 8.28 BTC according to our sheriffs at Arkham Intelligence. In the grand scheme of HODLing, Elon’s not just playing Farmville; he’s monopolizing the whole dang digital prairie.

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Flashback to the crypto calamity of ‘22 – the market was more bipolar than a weather forecast on Mercury. Our space cowboy didn’t just hitch his wagon and watch; nope. Tesla and SpaceX were offloading BTC faster than a gunslinger at high noon. SpaceX got a bit of dust in its eyes, but Tesla? Pretty much breaking even amid the chaos.

Then came the Bitcoin bounce, turning those digital tumbleweeds into lush, green profit pastures. SpaceX’s loot pumped up to a $132 million in the green, and Tesla? Sitting on a sweet $455 million in unrealised gains.


Now, let’s have some real talk about the numbers because there’s been more confusion here than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. Some folks thought Tesla was owning a solid 9,720 BTC. Arkham Intelligence threw that number out the stagecoach window, claiming it’s actually 11,509 BTC. Just bear in mind that these numbers are all derived from estimations based on financial reports.

Bitcoin, Tesla, and the SEC

Elon’s relationship with Bitcoin has been more off-and-on than the SEC’s regulation routine. Remember when Tesla flirted with accepting Bitcoin? only to dump it faster than a hot potato because of eco-anxiety? Yet, behind the curtains, the Bitcoin saga continued.

The latest plot twist? Tesla’s SEC filings waved a magic wand and clarified what all of the fuss was about. The 11.5K BTC Arkham touted? Most likely spot on. And before you ask, no, Tesla hasn’t been on a Bitcoin shopping spree since their last show-and-tell.

So, what’s the takeaway from Elon’s bucking bronco adventure with Bitcoin? First off, in this digital Wild West showdown, brace yourself to gallop through squalls, sand swirls, and the odd scam slam. It’s a realm where your wealth can somersault quicker than a pancake in a skillet on Sunday morning.

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In closing, keep your ledgers locked, your memes dank, and your spirits high. Because in the end, whether you’re a billionaire with a penchant for rockets or just a humble hodler dreaming of magical internet currencies, we’re all just looking for our piece of the pie in the great crypto frontier. Yee-haw, and happy trails on the blockchain, partners!

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