In a world where trust and authenticity are at a premium, a pioneering blockchain initiative is on the rise. Blockticity, a startup with its finger on the pulse of the unconventional, has embarked on a journey to validate the mystique of magic mushrooms, the versatility of hemp, and the enigma of kratom. Using the robust Avalanche blockchain, they’re transforming these elusive substances into certified treasures.

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A Blockchain Blossom: NFTs Certify the Unusual

In a revelation that could make even the most unconventional crypto-enthusiast raise an eyebrow, Blockticity has crafted NFTs that bestow legitimacy upon the unlikeliest of subjects: magic mushrooms, hemp, and kratom. These NFTs serve as digital certificates of authenticity, raising the curtain on a world previously shrouded in mystery.

Sundie Seefried, the CEO and president of Safe Harbor Financial, once shared in an interview that a regulator had conveyed to her the notion that cryptocurrency and cannabis could form a harmonious alliance. The rationale behind this idea lies in blockchain technology’s remarkable ability to ensure meticulous traceability of funds originating from the cultivation and sale of cannabis plants.


A Crypto-Myco Revolution: Authenticating the Unseen

Thousands of certificates have sprouted like digital mushrooms, authenticating a staggering $275 million worth of magic mushrooms, hemp, and kratom. It’s a journey deep into the heart of psychedelia, backed by the mighty Avalanche blockchain.

Unlocking the Magic: The Process

ACS Laboratory, the heavyweight champion of hemp and cannabis testing in the eastern U.S., takes the first step. They meticulously test these enigmatic substances and issue a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Blockticity then steps in, crafting a QR code of this COA and metamorphosing it into an NFT using Avalanche’s C-Chain. The result? A digital certificate with authenticity etched in blockchain stone.

A Shield Against Deception: Taming the Certification Industry

By engraving a Certificate of Analysis (COA) onto the blockchain, courtesy of the laboratory, Blockticity infuses an undeniable stamp of authenticity into the lab’s report. Subsequently, businesses possess the capability to access a COA and employ the QR code as a gateway to locate the report linked to the company that commissioned the test, as elucidated in a prior statement.

In a world rife with trickery, Blockticity’s mission is to quell the rampant deception within the certification industry. Fraudsters often dance around laboratory COAs through QR code tampering and data fiddling. Blockticity’s ingenious solution, anchored securely to Avalanche, aims to provide unshakable proof, restoring trust in an industry plagued by skepticism.

The Web3: Beyond Psychedelia

Blockticity has set its sights on a broader horizon, transcending ACS Laboratory’s embrace. Consumer electronics, fashion, agriculture, seafood – the blockchain tentacles reach far and wide. In a statement that hints at their ambitious web3 vision, CEO Mike Coner declares the following:

Blockticity’s primary goal is to harness web3 for tracking products across the global supply chain.

Avalanche emerges as their mighty steed, galloping toward a scalable solution for the worldwide economy.

Conclusion: Psychedelic Legitimacy on the Blockchain

In a world where trust can be as elusive as the substances themselves, Blockticity’s audacious quest to certify magic mushrooms, hemp, and kratom on the Avalanche blockchain is a beacon of hope. It’s not just a revolution; it’s a statement.


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As they set their sights on a broader canvas, the psychedelic renaissance may just find its most trustworthy guide in the blockchain realm. Trust the blockchain, trust the journey.

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