Blockchain gaming has made people realize you can find happiness away from the bottom of the bottle, a sugar-coated pill, amidst a cloud of smoke, or from the tip of the needle.

From nominal graphics in terms of ideas and concepts to the current high-definition gaming and into the metaverse, the crypto gaming industry has gained more than success and gained tremendous popularity in various regions of the world. This article explores a list of the top countries in blockchain gaming.    



Despite the crypto industry taking a hit in 2022 caused by the Russia-Ukraine crisis, macroeconomic headwinds, and the bankruptcy of various crypto firms, the global blockchain gaming market has experienced a tremendous rise in popularity. A recent Dapp Radar report on blockchain gaming trends indicated at least 20 million daily gaming-related transactions across all popular blockchains. The crypto playground is littered with games that enable players to earn while they play, while others allow players to create and earn NFTs they can sell for cryptocurrency.     

It’s gold for nerds.

Stephen Colbert, Comedian

Just like there would be no wars if women ruled the world: just a lot of jealousies and countries practicing “nil by mouth,” it’s an open secret that not everyone involved in blockchain gaming will get rich. However, crypto gaming development still has an attractive earning potential for earning royalties on secondary sales. Some players generate income from the real-world scarcity of their in-game assets. Due to an increasing user base caused by blockchain gaming adoption, the following is a list of countries getting ready to rule the crypto playground.   


China may have declared restrictions on cryptocurrency mining and crypto in general, but that hasn’t deflected the people from experimenting and placing the country amid the crypto playground leaders.

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At the heart of it, China remains a solid defender of blockchain technology, with the government adopting blockchain in their schooling and legal areas besides supporting smart contract programs like Qtum, VeChain, NEO, and TRON. The Chinese authorities are receptive to the potential of blockchain technology and are mainly against actions that cross the government’s rules and guidelines, giving blockchain gaming a chance to thrive.     


Japan is among the earliest adopters of blockchain technology and has remained crypto-centric ever since. The Japanese were quick to uptake crypto mining and Bitcoin use from the earliest days; moreover, Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto’s name resembles a Japanese name. Japan not only joins the list of countries embracing crypto games, but surveys indicate it’s among the leading Asian countries with many citizens utilizing cryptocurrencies. With over 3.5 million people exchanging and accepting crypto as per the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), the government and blockchain enthusiasts are behind blockchain games adoption.       

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Switzerland provides an open administrative environment towards blockchain, leading to the establishment of a blockchain nerve center in the minuscule town of Zug, which hosts over 450 blockchain-based enterprises. Swiss residents have been said to have substantial knowledge of blockchain, and the country’s parliament recommends Bitcoin as the future money. As Switzerland introduces blockchain technology into areas like insurance, financial service, healthcare, logistics, and medical care, you can be sure that blockchain gaming trends will also catch up fast. 

South American Countries

Blockchain gaming adoption is most prevalent in many South American countries, especially Argentina and Venezuela, where NFT gaming has become deeply entrenched. Surprisingly, many youths in these countries undergoing severe economic crises have found a reprieve in this crypto background and have made money playing. For crypto game enthusiasts in these countries, play-to-earn games have become a form of employment and, for some, the primary source of their livelihood.   


Singapore’s aspiring smart nation is among the leading countries that fully support establishing blockchain-based businesses, and it competes neck-to-neck with China and Japan regarding blockchain advancements and applications. The government has put in place guidelines supporting blockchain development that it has changed from the previous fishing town used to be into a technological research hub. The country fully supports blockchain incubation and invests more in blockchain use cases.    

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To Sum Things Up

Blockchain gaming may not be a substitute for real-world pleasures like spiritual enlightenment, marriage or childbirth, etc., but it provides an excellent reprieve from real-world woes. While it’s still incubating, it has made significant strides in these and other countries. As many countries labor to embrace blockchain technology and pass laws regarding the legalization of crypto payments and others remain adamant amid widespread adoption, we expect blockchain gaming adoption to rise. 

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