The Underbelly of Crypto Giveaways on X

In a world where free cryptocurrency giveaways on social media promise unimaginable riches, a team of daring AI vigilantes from San Diego State University embarked on a mission. With the digital landscape riddled with scams, they sought to expose the nefarious schemes lurking beneath the shiny veneer of Twitter’s X. Brace yourselves for the revelation of how 95,111 scams were unmasked, a million dollars were whisked away, and the battle between AI and scammers reached new heights.

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Unveiling GiveawayScamHunter: The AI Avenger

Meet GiveawayScamHunter, the AI warrior concocted by these researchers to stalk, pounce, and annihilate crypto giveaway scams infesting the realm of X. Armed with the sharpest algorithms, this AI sentinel embarked on a journey from June 2022 to June 2023. Its mission? To unearth the dark underbelly of 87,617 accounts, unveiling their sinister plot to rip off unsuspecting victims.

Remarkably, we discovered a correlation between the scam and market trends. During the aforementioned months, cryptocurrency prices experienced surges, which seems to have stimulated scammers to publish scam lists on Twitter.

Kai Li, Department of Computer Science San Diego State University

Lists: Twitter’s Trojan Horse for Scammers

Beneath the fluttering wings of Twitter’s ‘Lists’ feature lies the devil’s playground for scammers. This seemingly innocent tool turned out to be the ultimate vector for cryptocurrency giveaway scams. Permissionless and alluring, Lists offered the perfect hunting ground for scammers to swoop down upon their prey. Little did they know, the AI hawks were watching, ready to pounce on any fraudulent flutter.

The AI Sting Operation: Nipping Scams in the Bud

The AI brigade had a secret weapon: natural language processing. Trained on a history of giveaway scams, this linguistic virtuoso cracked the code. Nearly 100,000 scam lists were unmasked, a Pandora’s box of scam websites and wallet addresses thrown wide open. The AI superheroes weren’t just unearthing scams; they were dissecting them, exposing their inner workings to the world.

Scammers vs. AI

As the AI vigilantes traced the scam cryptocurrency addresses, a chilling revelation emerged. Over 365 victims had fallen prey to these scams, their losses totaling a staggering $872,000. The battle lines were drawn: AI vigilantes versus the crypto underworld. But as the dust settled, a curious fact emerged. A whopping 43.9% of the scammer accounts remained active. A cryptic dance of deceit? Or just the echo of a bygone swindle?

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Source: Cointelegraph

AI Never-Ending Story

The saga of crypto giveaway scams continues, as the underworld and the AI vigilantes lock horns in an eternal tango. While the AI heroes managed to unmask the malevolent plots, the scammers remained steadfast, lurking in the digital shadows. The battle may rage on, but one thing is certain: in the realm of cryptocurrency, where dreams of wealth intertwine with the threads of deception, the AI warriors will forever stand guard.


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