Twitter, the iconic realm of tweets and hashtags where ideas and memes fly freely like birds has undergone a significant transformation. It seems like our feathered friend has flown the coop as the master of peculiarity himself, Elon Musk, swoops in to rebrand the social platform as “X”.

The tiny bluebird has been the face of Twitter for so long that it has come to be known for tweeting in 280 characters or less. However, it’s time to say goodbye to the bird’s simple, innocent charm and say hello to ‘X”’s interesting wonder.

In addition, Twitter made a big change, switching from its typical blue color theme to a striking black look. The most hilarious aspect is the change in Twitter’s URL, which is now

One might think he needs more ideas, yet here we are, witnessing Twitter’s rebranding. I wonder if his next move will be to revolutionize how we communicate with a carrier pigeon delivery service.

Elon Musk, the man who is the mastermind behind a billion-dollar empire and has a penchant for complex engineering and space exploration, from electric cars to rocket ships to underground tunnels, now ventures into the world of microblogging. Is it because building rockets got too easy and he needed a real challenge?

Elon Musk said in his latest interview about ‘X’ that it could become half of the global financial system. Half! I can’t help but chuckle at the audacity of that claim. It’s like he’s aiming to overthrow traditional banking systems and become the kingpin of financial upheaval.

I mean, sure, Elon has made some revolutionary strides with SpaceX and Tesla, but now he’s taking on the world of finance? It’s like watching a superhero movie where the protagonist takes on one villain at a time, except this time Musk is single-handedly taking on the entire financial industry!

Musk’s ambition to create a “super app” with multiple functionalities is evident in this move, as expected. His tenure as Twitter’s CEO was controversial right from the very beginning.

However, this should come as no surprise, considering his track record of audacious feats, such as launching a car into space. His takeover of Twitter was merely the first step in his mission to transform the platform into something more expansive. The subsequent rebranding to ‘X’ was a logical progression into his grand scheme, and he wasted no time implementing it.

Musk’s ‘X’ Rebranding Sparks Internet roasts and Memes galore. 

Twitter trolls are thriving more than ever! It’s as if they’ve grown wings and transformed into mythical creatures, flocking to Elon Musk’s tweets faster than you can imagine. The meme factory went into overdrive as soon as the announcement of ‘X’ hit the virtual airwaves.


 It’s like a digital carnival of wit and humor from all corners of the globe unleashing their creativity in the form of memes that are as wild as Musk’s ambitions.


And then we have Mr. Tom Nichols and many other trolls who swooped in to take a jab at Elon’s grand ‘X’ rebranding. According to Tom, it’s like taking Campbell’s Soup, a cherished and well-known brand, and renaming it ‘Blargle.’ And the soup? Oh, it’s now ‘Fleen.’ Can you see it? Blargle Fleen.


The Twitterverse has erupted into an uproar of hilarious memes, all in response to the overwhelming rebranding extravaganza! It’s like the internet’s version of a comedy roast, and Elon Musk is the guest of honour.


The ‘X’-Factor; Musk’s Vision for Rebranding Twitter

Well, Twitter’s rebranding has folks going bonkers! I mean, who could blame them? It’s the most mind-blowing news of the moment. The die-hard Twitter users who’ve grown fond of the adorable Bluebird and its charming simplicity, are now faced with the ‘X’-treme change.

Will they embrace it with open arms, are we now “tweeting” or “Xing”  or just long for the days when tweets were just… Well, tweets, without the influence of celestial beings like Elon Musk?

Now, let’s get to the bottom of the burning question- Why the shift to ‘X’? Is this some kind of one of his erratic decisions?

Well, I think this has to do with his obsession with the letter “X”.

Elon Musk, the visionary overlord dreams  called no doubts has a thing for “X”. It is pretty obvious! From SpaceX to com on his resume the man loves his X’s, reflecting his endless quest for innovation and uniqueness.

In 1999, before his rocket and electric car ventures, Elon Musk had the idea to create an internet bank called, offering modern financial services like bank accounts, online payments, insurance, and investments. Though it never became a banking giant, it merged with PayPal and achieved success.

In a recent tweet, Musk shared more insights into X’s rebranding, saying, he envisions it becoming an “everything app,” not only for communication but also for financial transactions. 

The company’s official handle has changed to @X,the display username has been replaced with a capital “X,” and the profile photo now features a black square with a white-lined X in the middle. 

Musk’s own account reflects this updated branding, and he has new logo too,describing it as “Futuristic Art Deco,” the removal of the original “Twitter” signage from the San Francisco office building began. Although, the process encountered a setback when local police intervened due to permit issues, leading to work being delayed.

In Apri, Twitter introduced a new feature in partnership with eToro, granting access to the crypto market and financial services within the app. The move aligned with Elon Musk’s vision for ‘X,’ aiming to revolutionize the financial realm. Users can view market charts, buy and sell stocks, and track data through “hashtags” and API integration.

With Twitter’s partnership with eToro, It’s like Twitter is saying,  “Move over, Wall Street, there’s a new contender in town!”

Amid all the excitement and skepticism, people can’t stop speculating on the impact of ‘X’ on the social media landscape. The future of ‘X’ is a mystery, but it promises an X-citing journey ahead.

But here’s the real twist – is ‘X’ a nod to the enigmatic nature of social media itself? A place where thoughts, ideas, and opinions collide in an endless stream of information, leaving us to decipher the elusive ‘X’-factors that shape our online existence. Only time will reveal the truth.

Final Thoughts

Elon Musk vision for Twitter’s future was to cause and evolution into an all-encompassing app for comprehensive communications and financial transactions. He believes that the name, “Twitter,” does not align with this broader context, prompting the need for a change to X.

As the unlikely duo of Elon Musk and Twitter sets out on this transformative journey, the digital landscape may never be the same. As we bid adieu to the beloved Bluebird, let’s keep our eyes peeled for what this ‘X-factor brings to the table. Get ready for an epic ride through the whimsical world of Twitter’s grand rebranding extravaganza!