June 26 was definitely not Christmas, but everyone woke up to a big surprise. It was a new collaboration between Worldcoin, the iris-scanning biometric digital identity project, and Alchemy, the Web3 development platform. The two companies could not be any different; you could say the collaboration itself is alchemy.

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The Alchemical combination was announced to build out Worldcoin’s blockchain, World Chain. Worldcoin also announced that this collaboration comes with new perks for World Chain developers. Developers now get immediate access to Worldcoin’s new Web3 developer platform.

The perks also include core and data APIs, indexing solutions and an entire pack of different tools that will now be at the fingertips of Worldcoin developers.  

Oh, but that’s not all the new perks. Worldcoin must be pleased with its developers because it’s also giving them an abstraction infrastructure that will improve the safety and security of self-custodial wallets in the World Chain ecosystem. 

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Again, that’s not all. Alchemy will also integrate World ID as a part of the new World Chain ecosystem, which means millions of developers will have worldwide access to digital ID technology. 

Worldcoin seems to be going to town with these new perks, and Alchemy seems to be happy about the partnership. Noam Hurwitz, the engineering lead at Alchemy, has mentioned that the partnership will create “meaningful progress” toward their aim of a billion users on-chain. He also stated that the partnership will increase developers’ opportunities to create “human-forward applications.”

The billion developers goal explains the truckload of perks they’ve created for developers. But a billion? Really? That’s basically three times the population of the United States. Well, never say never, right? 

As for the human-forward application thing, that has always been part of the plan; when Worldchain was introduced in April 2024, it was announced as a blockchain designed for humans. In an interview, Steven Smith, Head of Protocol at Tools for Humanity, also said that Worldchain aims to be the largest on-ramp for humans to come on-chain and the first blockchain designed for humans. So it’s cool to see them keeping to their word.

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The human-centric optimization model Worldchain developed uses Verified World IDs to allot priority blockspace for holders and a free gas allowance for casual transactions to get rid of bots and give its developers better access to real users.

When asked about partnering with Alchemy, Smith said it was a no-brainer given Alchemy’s “Prevention,” and he was sure Worldcoin would get that “guaranteed uptime and reliability” Alchemy is known for. 

While we await the final project, one thing is for sure: Christmas came early for Worldcoin developers. With the number of features and perks coming their way, they are about to get their hands full. Worldcoin also hopes to get its hands full with the billion developers it seeks to attract.


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