Who could have ever thought that posting a video depicting sensitive and alarming content like suicide could be a suicidal move for their business? Well, you’d think everyone knows it’s a wrong move, but apparently, it’s not the Normie meme coin. 

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The meme coin recently got into trouble after posting a promotional video where the Normie character hung itself. After the suicide scene, normie then gets buried in a cemetery and meets a kind of God who tells it that they need to refund the community and relaunch and also return to the earth. However, it seems the community found it deadly and not as funny as they hoped. 

After the video was released, Crypto Twitter burst into flames. Different users found the content of the video disgusting, disturbing and thoroughly insensitive. One user asked for a refund, claiming that Normie encourages suicide. Another one asked that traders “send this atrocity to zero once and for all”. Even Ansem, the famous crypto influencer, hit them with a “Jesus Christ.”

It would seem that the unfortunate video was posted to regain its community’s trust after the Normie project was exploited in May, and its token plummeted in mere hours. After the incident, Normie launched a posting campaign to retain its users, and while most of the posts were harmless, this post went too far. 

Intern Fired, Coin Goes Crazy, and the Internet Reacts

Normie has since removed the video, apologizing in a Twitter post to “anyone who was offended by the content”, explaining that “it was never our intention to trivialize a sensitive topic”. From the Twitter post, Normie explained, “The intended message was to demonstrate that there is always a way out, even when everything is coming at you, and that positive change begins with oneself.” It sounds well-intended, even quite inspirational. Still, the execution didn’t have to show Normie executing himself or did it? 

Normie also mentioned that the intern who posted it has been fired, which has caused mixed reactions. Some users wonder why the poor intern got fired when someone else most likely approved the video. Another user seemed to think that Normie did this intentionally to gain publicity. And others think that the intern bit was just a joke, given the meme.

Normie has not made any other statements regarding the controversial post or the intern. Perhaps they don’t mind the publicity after all. However, in other news, NORMIE is facing some serious “abnormie” times. The coin is experiencing major volatility, with prices rising and falling over the past 24 hours. At the time of this writing, NORMIE is set at $0.00001031.

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If there’s anything this whole video debacle has taught other cryptocurrencies, it’s that suicide is suicidal when it comes to marketing and advertising, and if anything goes wrong, an intern makes a perfect fall guy. 

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