Thanks to movies like Ready Player One and social media hype, most people these days know a little about the metaverse. Well, most of the publicly known information about the metaverse is just plain misinformation, so we’ll be correcting that.

The metaverse is a virtual world that can be created using augmented reality technology, the blockchain, and the internet. So, it’s not wrong to call it ‘Internet 2.0,’ since it’s supposed to be the next evolution of the internet.

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Similar to the internet, it’ll connect people from all over the world, distance notwithstanding. However, these people won’t be communicating through a profile picture on an account. Rather, users of the metaverse will communicate through their digital representation, called an avatar.

Why Do You Need a Personalized Metaverse Avatar?

An avatar is a virtual embodiment of yourself in this virtual world called the metaverse. If you want to truly immerse yourself in this virtual world, then your avatar has to be a personal creation.

Besides serving as a digital identity, a personalized avatar also improves social interaction in the metaverse. As your avatar shows the real you, you’ll find it easier to engage with others with similar qualities.

A personalized avatar is also a sign of freedom and a symbol of creative expression. After all, there are many sides of ourselves that we could be shy about showing in real life. Comparatively, if you want to fake it or develop a new personality, doing it anonymously with a virtual identity is perfect.

How to Create a Metaverse Avatar

If you want to create a true virtual embodiment of yourself, you’ll need to put much thought into avatar creation. Nonetheless, the process of creating a metaverse avatar isn’t that complex. You just need to follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be right as rain.

Choose a Platform

Your journey to creating a good metaverse avatar begins with choosing a platform for it. At the moment, there are many metaverse platforms out there, like Meta Horizon Worlds and blockchain-powered Decentraland. So, if you want to create an avatar, you’ll need to choose the avatar platforms first.

For a platform like Decentraland, only a 3D avatar is possible. However, there are other metaverse platforms that allow full-body virtual reality avatars to be captured with sensors. There are also some platforms where a humanoid avatar with your exact physical likeness can be created.

Your choice of platform also determines the type of avatar you’ll be creating and the customization features available.

Visualize your Avatar

Before you start the avatar design, you’ll need to have an idea of what you want in your heart. Think about it: what qualities do you want this virtual creation to embody?

Do you want it to be a carbon copy of you? Do you want your avatar to be a more confident version of yourself? You could also see yourself as a pineapple and decide that you want your avatar to be a pineapple.

Thinking about this beforehand will make the main avatar design much easier.

Create your Avatar

Now, you’ve come to the point of actually creating this avatar. There are various tools you can use here. You can use the native avatar creation tool of your chosen metaverse platform or go for a more personalized option.

With the native avatar creation tools of most metaverses, you just need to find a ‘Create Avatar’ button. There, you’ll be asked to select sex, after which you’ll be shown a generic avatar you can customize.

Some platforms might ask you to submit your picture, and this will be used to generate an avatar in your likeness. Of course, it might not be perfect, and you might need to customize it later on.

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The other option for creating an avatar involves going to special sites. These sites offer extra perks as you gain more freedom in your avatar design. Some of these platforms even handle the avatar creation for you, producing your exact likeness.

The best part about this option is that these personalized avatars can be exported to many metaverse platforms. So, you can create your avatar on a special site and export it back for use on your chosen metaverse platform.

Some of the avatar creation platforms you can visit include:

  • Ready Player Me: Creates a full-body avatar that can be used in virtual reality metaverses.
  • Bitmoji: Offers a way to create a cartoon representation of yourself.
  • Avatoon: Creates a cartoon illustration of yourself that can be used as an avatar.
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Customize your Avatar

Your avatar has been created, but does it really look like you? Even if it does look like you, do you have some things you would like to change? This is where avatar customization comes in, as you can change this virtual entity to reflect yourself.

Customization is a broad term here, as it can go from changing the color of the eyes to creating clothes for the avatar. So you can change the bodily features of your avatar or purchase accessories for it. Keep in mind that the limits on customization depend on the avatar creation tool you’re using. While some of these tools offer basic customizations, others, like Tafi, allow you to dress your avatar as a DC superhero.

When personalizing your avatar, the rule of thumb is to stay true to yourself. Your avatar is the vehicle you’ll use for the virtual experiences in the metaverse.

So, ensure that you customize it in such a way that it reflects your personal preferences. It doesn’t have to fit society’s definition of beauty, and it doesn’t have to be perfect either. It only needs to reflect your preferences.

Final Touches and Integration

After customizing your avatar, it’s time to take a good look at the final creation. Is there anything that is still out of place? Well, this is the time to adjust to it.

If it’s possible, you can test this virtual creation and see how good it looks in a virtual world. You can also take a picture of your creation and ask for feedback online. This can help you to further improve your avatar and remove any errors.

If there’s nothing left, this is the time to introduce your virtual embodiment to the metaverse. As long as you created an avatar with a metaverse platform in mind, you shouldn’t face any issues with compatibility.


Avatar creation is more than just a fun activity. It signifies the birth of a virtual identity that’ll reside on the metaverse. You can also see the metaverse avatar as a way to finally express who you truly are inside.

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Once you’ve got your avatar, you can now start accessing the metaverse in many ways. It could be through a virtual reality headset, like the Oculus or Apple Vision Pro. You can also access the metaverse through your computer or smartphone when playing metaverse games like Decentraland, Fortnite, or Roblox.

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