For our readers to make informed altcoin investment decisions, we analyzed data on CoinMarketCap to bring you the top-ranking meme coins of 2024. We looked at market capitalization, development progress, and community strength while coming up with the latest. 

Source: Tenor

Continue reading to discover what entails a top-ranked meme coin today and what factors you should look at before deciding a meme project is worth your portfolio.


With a market capitalization of $20.70 billion, Dogecoin is the number #1 memecoin and the 8th largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap. In the last 1-year, the memecoin has risen up by 90%.

DOGE/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap/TradingView

Its performance in the current bull market has been significantly impacted by the launch of the Dogecoin CoreFund on 13th December 2023, the redesigning of the Dogecoin Foundation that occurred late last year, and a solid roadmap known as the Dogecoin Trailmap, which the organization will stick to while building Dogecoin into a world-class decentralized network.

Source: Tenor

As of this writing, Dogecoin is trading at $0.1369.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is the second largest memecoin by market capitalization which stands at $13.29 billion. The memecoin’s price has increased by X% over the last 1-year. 

Source: Tenor

Some of the factors that have influenced Shiba Inu’s growth in the recent bull market include the launch of Shibarium in 2023, the recent hard fork in 2024 that bolstered transaction speeds on the network, ShibSwap, and the Shib Metaverse.

As per Shiba Inu’s future plans, we are going to see the release of its world paper in the summer of Shibarium, as well as a series of developments meant to boost activity across the Shiba Inu ecosystem. At press time, Shiba Inu is trading at $0.00002171.

SHIB/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap


Pepe has a staggering $15 billion market capitalization despite launching less than two years ago. The project stands at position #3 among the largest meme coins by market cap. In the last 12-months, Pepe’s price has increased by 420.7%. 

One of the things that stands out in Pepe’s roadmap is its determination to become king of all meme projects and make memecoins great again. As of this writing, Pepe coin is trading at a price of $$0.000008355.

PEPE/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap


Dogwithat skyrocketed into popularity at the height of 2024’s bull market after its community members fundraised $650,000 to put the meme on the famous Las Vegas Sphere.

The Solana-based memecoin emerged out of a November 2023 launch into becoming one of the top 50 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, as well as the #4th largest memecoin project. 

Dogs Vs Cats GIF by Tenor

As of this writing, Dogwifhat has surged by X% since the start of the year. Overall, its price has increased by Y% since its launch last year. The meme coin is currently exchanging hands at $2.77 during press time.

WIF/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap


Floki is up by 4325% over the last 12-months, as per data by CoinMarketCap. The project was born in 2022 as a way of appreciating community members of Shiba Inu, its inspiration mainly came from Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu, Floki.

Source: Tenor

The meme coin is also the utility token of the Floki ecosystem which is already working on releasing four official flagship projects: 

  • Valhalla – an NFT gaming digital metaverse
  • FlokiFi Umbrella – A reliable suit of DeFi products
  • FlokiPlaces – A non fungible tokens and merchandising digital marketplace
  • University of Floki – an online education platform
FLOKI/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap

As of this writing, FLOKI is exchanging hands at $0.0001598.


BONK became the first dog-themed memecoin on Solana where 50% of the maximum supply was airdropped to the Solana community. The coin was launched on 25th December 2022 and has risen up by 19785% ever since. Over the last 1-year, Bonk’s price has recorded 4921% in growth. As of this writing, BONK is rank #59 among the largest cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap list, as well as the 6th largest  meme project. 

BONK/USD price by CoinMarketCap

At press time, the market capitalization is at $1.39 billion and the coin is exchanging hands at a price of $0.00002177.  


BOOK OF MEME is a blockchain project that aims to redefine Web3 culture through memes, , degen shitcoin trading, decentralized storage solutions, and gambling. Since its launch on 13th March 2023, BOME has recorded a 998% increase from its all-time low of $0.001148. With a market capitalization of $691.355 million, Book of Meme ranks position #97 on the CoinMarketCap list of largest cryptocurrencies. It is also the 7th largest memecoin project. As of this writing, BOME is trading at $0.01 against the USD.

BOME/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap


Memecoin (MEME) is the utility token that powers the Memeland ecosystem, a digital metaverse by 9GAG, a Web3 venture studio. The meme project launched on 4th November 2023 and is the only token in this project to be trading below its launch price of $0.02367. 

MEME/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap

As of this writing, MEME is down by 15% from its launch price and has recorded a significant drop of 27.89% over the last 30-days. However, the token has managed to sustain its position among the top 10 memecoin projects on CoinMarketCap, thanks to its market capitalization of $411.4 million. On the list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market value, MEME is ranked #146.


The Popcat project emerged from the popularity of the pop cat meme, a Cheshire cat by X user Xavier BFB called Oatmeal. The most popular of the cat-based memes is this meme with two pictures grouped together, one has a cute cat smiling and the other picture shows the cat opening its mouth wide open.

Source: Tenor

The Popcat meme coin launched on Solana on 1st January 2024 and has garnered significant interest throughout this year’s bull market. The coin is up by 2268% since its launch price of $0.0192. According to CoinMarketCap data, the project has a market capitalization of $377 million and ranks among the top 10 memecoins.

POPCAT/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap

Cats in a Dogs World

Cats in a Dogs World (MEW)  is ranked #198 on CoinMarketCap list with a market capitalization of $296.32 million. MEW launched only recently has climbed 78% up from its all-time low of $0.001021. At press time, MEW is trading at $0.003333.

MEW/USD price chart by CoinMarketCap


Dogecoin took the lead on our list, followed by Shiba Inu,  Pepe, Dogwifhat, and Floki as the top 5 meme coin projects on CoinMarketCap. However, you shouldn’t be limited to this list because there are more upcoming projects which are yet to launch. So keep doing your due diligence, researching the market and up your game of discovering early gems in the space.

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