Hey, readers! Do you like NFT memes? We sure do, and we’ve rounded up some of the funniest NFT memes for your amusement.

NFT, just like the crypto field in general, is captivating for some and annoying for others. It is turning, or has already turned, into a subculture with its own peculiarities and, of course, memes. In this age of blockchain tech, the idea of an NFT meme has popped up, showing the fun of tokenizing and turning things into memes. Here are some of them that you may find particularly entertaining.

What Is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. You’ve probably heard of NFTs a million times, but just to be on the safe side, it won’t hurt to explain once again that an NFT is a unique digital piece. For an image or any other digital art, to become an NFT, it needs to be encrypted on a blockchain and receive its unique ID, which is the process called minting. These unique IDs make the authorship and ownership easily traceable and, thus, well protected. 

  1. An NFT Pen

This funny NFT meme is among my favorites. The fact is that you can turn any object into NFT by minting, and giving it its unique place on a blockchain, which will make it belong to you and only to you. 

A collage of a person talking to a person

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It is also funny because… well, have you seen the NFTs that are being sold? Let’s face it, 80% of them are very distant from being called real art. So, besides actually highlighting that NFTs revive the value of digital pieces, this meme kind of points out that the hype around NFTs would make it possible to sell literally anything. You just have to mint it and put it on a blockchain. 

The world of NFTs has opened doors for digital artists to showcase their work and earn recognition. NFTs have revolutionized the digital art scene by allowing creators to assert ownership and scarcity over their creations. As a result, digital art has gained new importance and value. However, the increasing popularity of NFTs has also led to a rise in less artistic content. This meme humorously highlights the fact that with enough hype, almost anything can be sold as an NFT, from a banana duct-taped to a wall to a simple tweet. The possibilities seem endless.

  1. NFT Collections

So, you decide to go and look for a cool NFT that you could probably use as a profile pic, or whatever you’re using it for. You’re looking for something unique that nobody else has, and then this is what happens

A collage of a person with different facial expressions

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Basically, a thousand pictures of the same character with a number of traits that are combined differently in each particular NFT. Some of the authors are not even hiding it; they say they’re distributing an automatically generated collection with randomly assigned characteristics. Imagine a deck of cards, each with its own mix of traits, all from the same basic set.

Of course, this does not concern all NFT collections, and some of them are really unique and funny. But definitely not all of them. Likely, you’ll be scrolling through NFTs and find many collections trying too hard to be funny NFT memes. It’s like a joke that’s been told too many times—you get the effort, but it just doesn’t make you laugh. Discovering a genuinely funny NFT meme in a flood of similar ones is like finding a pin in a stack of hay. 

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  1. Non-Fungible Wife

This NFT acronym meme was published on a website that says it’s the most depressive humor site on the internet

The main point of this picture is to show that an NFT acronym meme isn’t just for the person who bought it. You own the thing, but most of the time, it doesn’t mean that others can’t just screenshot the image, download a snap of it, or do whatever else to have a copy for their personal use. Even I can do it now to share with you. 

A collage of a person talking to another person

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The only difference it makes is that I’m not an owner. But what does it matter if someone else is enjoying something that I paid for? That’s a good question. 

Of course, you can’t compare a wife to a non-fungible token because a wife is not a token and is fungible, in fact. You can divorce her and find a new wife if you both want that, which makes this comparison very inaccurate. 

However, when we talk about NFT memes funny, we’re talking about a wide range of creativity and special digital artworks. Owning an NFT is more than just being able to see it—it’s like having a special stamp of ownership on a digital item. The digital world allows us to share experiences; you can enjoy a piece of art knowing others can enjoy it, too.

Whatever. This meme is still actually pretty funny. And for some people, it’s a bit offensive. I like borderline humor, though.

  1. Whose Is the Monkey? 

We’ve all been in situations where we want to explain things that others are not really interested in, but that play an important role in our lives. Here’s a guy trying to impress a girl with a monkey.

A person and person standing next to each other

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It’s not the monkey you’ve probably thought of. Eww. Who’d call it a monkey, actually? 

The girl is not particularly happy about the monkey, though. Look at her face. Full of fear and lack of understanding. She doesn’t want what he has. Not a monkey. And probably, not a hookup either. We all know crypto nerds can sometimes be awkward around girls, and it looks like this guy has just killed his chances with his monkey. Or the beer breath, we don’t know that. 

In uncomfortable or stressful situations, using humor can help ease tension and create a more relaxed environment. One way to do this is by sharing some of the best NFT memes. 

These situations can reveal the clash between our interests and how others perceive them. In this case, the guy’s excitement for crypto-related topics could have been too much, like a monkey swinging recklessly on a branch. The NFT guy meme could have perhaps saved the day, bringing everyone to a lighter, more comprehensible conversation.

  1. Not-a-Fungus Token
A white background with black text

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Yeah, this is a tweet that has turned into a meme. Love it. Relate to it. 

The thing is, crypto has long ago spread beyond tech bros and smart enthusiasts, and has been available to simpler people, yet has kept some of its complex vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re stupid. Definitely not if you know what fungus is. 

And even if you don’t, not a big deal. Fungus is basically the same as a mushroom, but it is a scientific term and is mostly used to refer to smaller organisms.

But the thing is, we are not used to complex vocabulary to be used on a daily basis, which is why our brains do the trick and try to make it either more understandable, or funnier. This is exactly what happened with Michael, who thinks “fungible” is “fung – able.” Like “meme – able,” as this tweet has become. 

  1. It Could Have Been a House

Now this is a meme that is dear to many of you, and you have seen similar memes all over the internet. This is a relatively recent meme trend, although the issue has been discussed for the past couple of years.

A person and person with a beard and a fish

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Now this is a sad-but-true category meme. Back in the day, housing was a lot more affordable. These days, younger generations have less and less financial opportunities to buy a house, which is mostly due to an immense rise in housing prices. 

However, if you think of it, you can compare a house to an old-day NFT. It was pretty cheap, and when it’s cheap, you’re probably not going to think of it as an extremely valuable asset. However, as the shortage appeared, they all became extremely expensive, and you can now sell them at a humongous profit compared to the price you would pay back in the 1960s-70s. Even taking the inflation into account. 

  1. NFTs Never Die

You all know this little girl meme. It has been a meme for so long, that the actual person portrayed in the meme has long grown up. 

A child in a car seat

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This meme is known as side-eyeing Chloe, which originated from a video where a little Chole didn’t prefer a trip to Disneyland over school. What you see on her face, the “thank you but no thank you, you weirdo” kind of look was sold for over $76K.

Chloe’s side-eye meme is a popular internet joke that captures her expression of disbelief and nonchalance, which has become an iconic part of internet humor, inspiring countless variations and adaptations, including some NFT funny takes.

In the context of NFTs gaining popularity, the “side-eyeing Chloe” meme was transformed into an NFT, adding a new layer of value to the iconic expression. The rarity and exclusivity that NFTs offer make the meme in its digital form a limited edition owned by a single individual.

The transformation of the “side-eyeing Chloe” meme into an NFT demonstrates the changing dynamics of internet humor and ownership, showing how this simple meme can have a deep NFT meme meaning. It’s an excellent example of how the internet has redefined how we share humor and attribute value to it.

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  1. Thank God Our NFTs Are OK
A collage of a person and person

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Priorities, people!

Let’s face it, kids are burdensome. You need to invest a lot of money in them. Feed them, educate them, and then you’ll still be a bad parent who ruined their life. They will leave you and, best case scenario, will come visit you on Christmas with their wife or husband that you can’t really stand. 

Investing in NFTs is a different kind of commitment compared to raising a child. With NFTs, you invest your resources and time, and the worst-case scenario is losing its value. However, having a child demands financial, emotional, and physical investments, and you are shaping a life. It’s a journey of dedication and selflessness that brings immeasurable joy and fulfillment, shaping not just your life but the future of the world.

Of course, I’m joking. Kids are important if you want to have them, and they deserve love, respect, and good parents. So, do not think over this meme too much. 

  1. Lord of the Chain

Here’s another meme, where Frodo is trying to explain the basics of NFT to Gollum. 

A cartoon of a person looking at a computer screen

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It is hard to disagree with this explanation, especially considering that, although you can mint the original piece of digital work and turn it into an NFT, it does not prevent others from reproducing its copies, and you can basically do nothing about it, legislation-wise. 

However, this picture perfectly displays the concept of ownership that is used in NFT, at the same time highlighting the level of absurdity associated with it, as blockchain doesn’t really protect the data from being illegally reproduced and distributed; it just makes sure that if someone looks up the owner, you show up. 

Another important thing about NFT that this meme portrays is that NFTs are not only non-fungible tokens but also non-tangible assets, which means they are not physical. You cannot physically touch them, own them, or pass them to another person. 

Basically, this meme is a lot more educational than funny, but I still thought it deserved to be on this list. 

  1. Where Lambo?

Crypto, crypto, crypto. Coin, NFT, trading. Many people do that because they think it inevitably comes with immense profits because all they know is Bitcoin and those people who invested in it when it was a lot cheaper than it is now. 

Two monkeys sitting at a table

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This pic portrays exactly that. Wanting to get rich in a minute with the use of NFT. Also, this pic is a great picture to conclude the list because no matter how profitable you think NFT and crypto are, you still need to understand how it works to make the best out of it. 

The world of cryptocurrency is often seen as a place where one can make a fortune. Many have been inspired by stories of early Bitcoin investors who have gained huge financial returns. This perception has attracted many people to invest in digital currencies, hoping to make a quick buck. Bitcoin paved the way for a new era of digital gold rush.

Now, the hype has shifted towards NFTs, a relatively new addition to the digital asset world. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become incredibly popular. The idea of owning a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item has attracted many who are seeking quick financial gains. The allure of owning an NFT that can potentially increase in value is irresistible.

The image presented is an accurate representation of the current mindset – the desire to achieve rapid wealth through NFTs. People are enticed by the idea of stumbling upon a digital asset that can appreciate in value exponentially, transforming their financial status in an instant.

However, it is also important to recognize that, while significant profits are possible, they come with high volatility and risk. What may seem like a “get rich quick” opportunity can just as quickly turn into a substantial loss. 


The popularity of NFTs is quickly growing in the digital world, and this trend is reflected in the increasing number of NFT memes. As more people become aware of non-fungible tokens, memes offer an easy and understandable way to interact with this emerging technology on a societal level. These memes often focus on the peculiarities of the NFT world, making it more accessible and enjoyable for both enthusiasts and newcomers.

In today’s society, NFTs have become a controversial topic that sparks debates and discussions. This controversy creates an ideal environment for humor to thrive. The clash between traditional and modern perspectives and the contrasting opinions all contribute to the rich tapestry of NFT-related humor. It is a way for society to navigate complex dialogues while finding amusement in the process.

Investing in NFTs, like any other form of investment, can be stressful due to the volatility and uncertainty of the crypto market. Humor in the NFT narrative serves as a coping mechanism for NFT holders. It lightens the mood, offers a break from the inherent tension, and allows individuals to find amusement even amid financial unpredictability.

The rise of NFTs indicates a shift in the socio-economic landscape. Beyond the digital art market, NFTs are becoming an important socio-economic concept, influencing how we perceive ownership, value, and digital assets. The potential of NFTs is vast, and their integration into various sectors of society is an ongoing evolution. NFT memes play a role in reflecting this evolution, providing a lens through which we can view and engage with this transformative phenomenon.