Crypto is everywhere now. From the icy lands of the Great White North to the sunny plains of Africa, it seems crypto is spreading across the world faster than the flu. But amidst all the many cryptocurrencies out there today, only one is getting special thanks from the African continent.

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Oladotun Wilfred Akangbe, the Chief Marketing Officer at Flincap, pointed out how the crypto industry is growing fast in Africa and especially heaped praise on the Solana blockchain. The man mentioned that Solana’s resilience and community efforts in Africa have given the African crypto market a serious boost. 

Akangbe’s special shoutout to Solana comes after a recent series of Solana Allstars Nigeria community meetups took place in different parts of the West African country of Nigeria. According to Akangbe, it takes a really strong community effort for any technology to be successfully adopted in a new environment, and this is what Solana has done with the community meetings.

However, it’s not all about meetings and link-ups, as the cool kids call it. Apparently, the Solana Foundation has also initiated other activities for all the African crypto bros, like hackathons and educational workshops for both new and experienced crypto bros. Many of these programs have onboarded Africans into the Solana ecosystem.

The Solana communities also seem to be thriving well. Among all the many decentralized groups worldwide, the Solana Allstars team in Nigeria was recently ranked among the most active Web3 adoption groups. Akangbe again noted that all of Solana’s efforts are also helping to shift user focus from price movements and more to the real-world use cases of Solana’s projects.

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In Akangbe’s words:

With the kind of communities built around several crypto projects, we’re closer to mainstream adoption than ever before.

This statement suggests that Africa has a big part to play in Solana’s goal of mainstream adoption and perhaps even in the mainstream adoption of crypto generally. 

The crypto community definitely needs mainstream adoption and good PR right now, considering all the recent issues plaguing the movement. For example, Changpeng Zhao’s recent legal troubles have cast a huge shadow on the crypto community. The Binance founder’s recent plea of guilty to violating United States money laundering laws has hit the community hard. 


Solana seeing crypto communities grow. Source: Yarn

But despite all of the troubles, the crypto community seems to be holding on just fine, and according to Akangbe, it is thanks to crypto projects. He noted that crypto projects’ continuous focus on solving community problems, especially problems relating to remittances and international payments, indicates a positive year-on growth. 

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So far,  it seems Africa is crushing the crypto game. As of now, Nigeria stands as the second country with the highest level of crypto adoption in the world, and I think that Solana had a big impact on that statistic. Solana has been part of the early development of crypto in Africa, and it would be proud of how far it has come today. 

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