Xsolla, the global video game commerce heavyweight, has entered the crypto arena hand-in-hand with Crypto.com, the swashbuckling global cryptocurrency platform. These titans of their respective domains are combining their superpowers to usher in a new era of gaming transactions.


Crypto.com + Xsolla Pay Station

Ever wanted to buy a virtual dragon with Bitcoin? Now you can. Enter Crypto.com Pay, the game-changer that lets game developers and players traverse the hallowed realm of crypto payments. This integration ensures your virtual escapades aren’t just powered by pixels but also by the magic of blockchain. It’s like adding turbo boosters to your in-game shopping cart.

Picture this: You’re a daring gamer, wielding a credit card as your weapon of choice. But wait, here comes Crypto.com Pay, riding atop Xsolla’s Pay Station like a valiant steed. This partnership casts aside the old ways of transactional battles, embracing the digital currency revolution for a more swashbuckling and seamless experience.

The In-Game Item Hunt Expands

With Crypto.com Pay entering the scene, the battle for the coolest in-game sword or the most stylish virtual armor just got global. Developers and players from over 200 regions can now wield their cryptocurrencies for in-game treasures, making every raid, quest, or campaign even more epic.

There is significant potential in the convergence of gaming and Web3. By partnering with a global gaming leader like Xsolla and leveraging our respective assets and expertise, we are helping make that potential a reality – giving developers, publishers, and players a seamless way to engage and create value in the crypto economy.

Eric Anziani, President and Chief Operating Officer of Crypto.com

The partnership with Xsolla takes a swing at untapping that potential, offering a seamless gateway to the crypto economy. It’s like finding the secret level in an already epic game.

Xsolla and Crypto.com: Duo We’ve Been Waiting For

Witness this union of industry behemoths, Xsolla and Crypto.com, as they synchronize their gears and charge into the future of gaming. Chris Hewish, the helm-holder at Xsolla, muses about the world evolving faster than a gamer’s reflexes. But fear not, for this partnership paves the way for a more secure, inclusive, and vibrant gaming universe.

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This partnership heralds the dawn of a gaming era where dragons, loot, and cryptocurrencies coexist in harmony. So, fellow gamers, ready your controllers and crypto wallets – the adventure has just begun!


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