For cryptocurrency Worldcoin enthusiasts, whether the world thinks they’re right or wrong doesn’t seem to matter. It’s all about how much money they could make when they’re right or how much they could lose if they’re wrong. The cryptocurrency project by Sam Altman is experiencing a severe surge. So what’s with this rapid growth with this blockchain project and trepidation over its ability to withstand the momentum as it navigates global regulatory scrutiny?   

Worldcoin’s achievement of reaching 10 million users

Worldcoin, an ambitious cryptocurrency project by Tools for Humanity aiming for a basic income program, Universal Basic Income (UBI), is experiencing runaway growth. The unexpected crypto project growth for the altcoin launched in June 2023 has already surpassed the 10 million mark with an average of 2 million daily active users and up to 5 million crypto wallet transactions in the last month. The growth, says Tiago Sada, head of product at Tools for Humanity, is impressive because the number of daily users has exceeded those for January 2024.  

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Worldcoin’s Rapid Expansion History

The ongoing crypto market rally led by Bitcoin (BTC) has infused a bullish across the entire market, triggering notable gains to Worldcoin, linked to the OpenAI artificial intelligence project, stunning investors with an unprecedented triple-digit price upsurge. The growing trend corresponds with the surge in the World App Wallet, the Worldcoin ecosystem’s crypto wallet that recently recorded an all-time high in daily user volume. The advent and rapid expansion history associated with WLD tokens and its controversial biometric data collection method, “Proof of Personhood,” or the Robo-verification service, continues to raise regulatory scrutiny, triggering investigations over safety and privacy concerns in various jurisdictions.

The Growth Trajectory of the World App since its Launch

Worldcoin recently announced that its crypto wallet, World App, had crossed the 1 million daily crypto wallet transactions daily. The growth of daily users for the World App wallet marks a significant milestone for the digital identity and financial network. The development is also a testimony that more people are adopting Worldcoin’s products and services and its Orb scanning and verification tool. The rapid adoption of Worldcoin and its applications points to the potential of cryptocurrencies to provide new economic opportunities and impact users’ daily lives, including their use for basic financial transactions, despite ongoing global regulatory challenges.  

Tiago Sada’s Insights on the Journey and Real-World Impact

Reflecting on the project’s broader mission, Tools for Humanity’s Head of Product Tiago Sada expressed contentment with the ongoing milestones, which he stated went beyond numbers. According to Sada in an official blog post, the project’s developers were thrilled about the real-world impact the project represented. 

Concerning the World App’s most notable use cases is a heartwarming incident from Kenya, which has since gone viral. The story revolves around a Kenyan user expressing gratitude after using funds he received from a Worldcoin airdrop to purchase a goat, which he named “Sam” after the project’s CEO, Sam Altman. The story garnered media attention, which saw the crypto community send more crypto, enabling him to buy 12 additional goats.    

Sada also stated that Worldcoin had introduced additional features to increase personal data protection and refine age verification processes. The project recently introduced critical updates to its World ID platform, which enables users to delete iris codes, effectively un-verifying their World ID permanently.

Analysis of WLD’s Price Performance and Market Trend

Tools for Humanity celebrated reaching 10 million users on April 11, 2024. However, notwithstanding the milestone surrounding the World App Wallet and at least 5 million sign-ups for the project’s World ID platform, the WLD price performance doesn’t correspond with the positive trend. The coin continues to exhibit a mishmash of reactions, but mostly a bearish momentum raising concerns within the crypto community about the token’s future performance relative to the general crypto market trends.   

Nonetheless, World App’s general achievement stands in the shadows of global challenges Worldcoin is fighting from regulators. Enforcement actions in countries like Kenya, Spain, and Portugal continue to dog the project, suggesting authorities are still concerned about its biometric data collection practices. Contrary to World App’s user metrics showing a booming ecosystem, WLD price performance has recently reduced value by at least.  

The Future of Worldcoin and Price Predictions

According to Worldcoin price prediction, WLD will rise by 226.36% and reach $15.16 by May 16, 2024. Accordingly, the token is experiencing a bearish trend, and the accompanying Fear & Greed index is about 65 (Greed). Relative to WLD’s historical price movement and BTC’s anticipated halving cycles, the token’s price prediction for 2025 could be about $ 4.65. However, Worldcoin’s price could reach $ 21.82 in 2025. 

Worldcoin Price Prediction for 2025

WLD’s price prediction for 2025 is between $4.65 on the lower scale and $21.82 on the high scale. If it touches the upper price target, Worldcoin could advance 356.05% by 2025 relative to the current average price.

Worldcoin Price Prediction for 2030

Pundits predict WLD’s price prediction in 2030 to be between $ 11.57 on the lower scale and $ 18.76 on the higher scale. Relative to the current price, the WLD token could gain 292.07% by 2030 if the higher scale prediction is achieved.


Does Worldcoin have a future?

Should Worldcoin achieve its goals, it could join the league of the most valuable tokens within the Ethereum infrastructure, especially in decentralized finance (DeFi). Therefore, holders should avoid panicking and instead hold on and watch how the project develops in the coming years.  

How much is 1 Worldcoin worth?

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of Worldcoin (WLD) is $4.99, a change of +3.97% when going to press. The recent price action of WLD indicates a market capitalization of $936,285,028, a change of 29.74% this year. 

Why is Worldcoin dropping?

The Worldcoin blockchain technology project has recently faced a backlash after its data privacy policies came under scrutiny in various jurisdictions, leading to the exclusion of U.S. residents, among others, from trading. The ongoing regulatory scrutiny in some countries even led to the establishing committees to investigate its activities. As a result, the fear of missing out (FOMO) somehow turns into a fear of losing out.    

What is the purpose of Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a crypto project that uses the Ethereum infrastructure and is designed to help create an all-inclusive global economy where everyone, regardless of country of origin or economic status, can thrive. The project is intended to provide universal access to everyone and establish a place for every human being to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).