Introducing the Tech World’s Biggest Newsmaker of 2023

Move over Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, there’s a new player stealing the spotlight in the tech world. Meet Sam Altman, the great mind behind the Worldcoin project, a venture that has become the talk of the town in the global technology industry. With its latest launch on July 24, combining AI and crypto through a network built on the quirky concept of ‘proof of personhood,’ Altman is determined to revolutionize the way we identify and transact in the digital realm.

“Worldcoin is an attempt at global scale alignment, the journey will be challenging and the outcome is uncertain”

Sam Altman

The Tools for Humanity’s Galactic Endeavor

The Worldcoin project is the brainchild of Tools for Humanity (TFH), a technology company founded by Altman, Alex Blania, and Max Novendstern back in 2019. Little did we know then that they were setting the stage for one of the most audacious experiments of our time.

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Twitter Wars: Jack Dorsey Throws Shade

No tech drama is complete without a good ol’ Twitter feud. Enter Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and a self-proclaimed Bitcoin enthusiast. He couldn’t resist poking fun at Altman’s new venture, suggesting that the Orb might come knocking if you don’t visit it first.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter. What exactly is the Worldcoin crypto project, and what makes it so unique? We’re about to explore the Worldcoin ecosystem.

Introducing the Orb: Unlocking Your Crypto Destiny

Worldcoin revolves around three key elements:

  • World ID – your personalized biometric digital identity, with the company promising to guard your privacy fiercely
  • Worldcoin token (WLD)– a digital currency, will be generously distributed among users for free during sign-up
  • World App – WLD can be used to transact through the World-ID compatible app called World App.

Sounds like a cosmic trio, doesn’t it?

Source: The Worldcoin Blog

Orb-ing Around the Globe

Want to join the Worldcoin party? Grab your space suits, folks, because the Orb is coming to town! This spherical hardware device will scan your eyeballs, confirming your humanity, and grant you access to the crypto world. Orb services are launching in 35 cities across 20 countries soon, and the list reads like a traveler’s dream itinerary. Dubai, London, New York, Paris – it’s a true world tour!


Unlocking Prosperity, One Eye Scan at a Time

Worldcoin’s grand vision goes beyond just crypto glory. They believe their protocol can unlock economic opportunities worldwide and foster democratic processes, all thanks to the marvel of AI. The Orb’s eye scan might just become the key to a brighter, fairer future, with talk of potential AI-funded universal basic income. A bold endeavor indeed!

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Beta Tales: Controversies Amidst Innovation

Even in the universe of groundbreaking technology, challenges await. During beta testing, Worldcoin faced its share of doubts. Hackers sneaked into Orb operators’ devices, causing a ruckus. And then, there were whispers of Worldcoin’s quest for test users in developing countries – an exchange of biometric profiles for money. Drama and innovation, hand in hand!

The Case of WLD Tokens

Ah, the intrigue of cryptocurrency! Worldcoin has capped the total supply of WLD tokens at 10 million for the next 15 years. But here’s the twist: the company already holds a cool 20 percent of the tokens. With only 143 million tokens in circulation at the global launch, you might want to hold on tight to yours.

Riding the Orb-tastic Wave

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin has launched, and the world is watching. With an Orb that scans your eyes to unlock crypto fortunes, it’s a daring endeavor that sparks excitement. So, hodlers, the Orb-tastic world of Worldcoin awaits!

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