A U.S. District Court judge has ordered the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to reimburse the cryptocurrency firm DEBT Box nearly $1.8 million. Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling not only mandates the SEC to cover DEBT Box’s legal fees but also serves as a critique of the agency’s conduct.

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The SEC will pay about $1 million in attorney fees and $750,000 in receiver fees, reflecting the financial burden the case imposed on the crypto firm.

Justice Triumphs

The SEC’s failed lawsuit against DEBT Box began with serious allegations of defrauding investors through the sale of unregistered securities. Last year, the SEC claimed that the cryptocurrency mining company DEBT Box “lied to investors” in a “fraudulent scheme” when it raised $50 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The SEC’s initial lawsuit against DEBT Box included a freeze on assets based on an ex parte restraining order, which later turned out to have been obtained through misrepresentation of facts.

However, the SEC’s procedural behavior, characterized by misleading statements to secure the restraining order, ultimately led to the charges being dropped, and a financial penalty imposed on the regulatory body.

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Utah District Court Judge Robert Shelby ruled that the case was a failure and that the regulator would have to shell out money to cover legal fees. The decision came after the judge stated in March that the SEC’s conduct was a “gross abuse of the authority granted to it by Congress.”

In his dismissal order, the judge set an important condition for the SEC: if the SEC decides to bring this case again against the same defendants, they must do so before Judge Shelby. And we know Judge Shelby won’t forget what happened the first time.

Amanda Tuminelli, Chief Legal Officer of the DeFi Education Fund

Tuminelli told that Judge Shelby could have gone further by dismissing the case with prejudice. Nonetheless, she said the court is likely to favor DEBT Box if the case is revisited.

DEBT Box called this a “monumental victory,” with its Chief Marketing Officer Miguel Francis-Santiago telling that this was not just a win for his company, but “a win for the Web3 industry as a whole.”

The time when America becomes a digital desert must end. We are lagging on the world stage, and if we don’t turn things around, America will be left behind.

Crypto Industry Fights Back

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), under the long-time leadership of Gary Gensler, has been relentlessly cracking down on the crypto industry, filing numerous lawsuits against companies for allegedly selling unregistered securities in recent years. However, Gensler has faced criticism for his overly aggressive policies from both the industry and lawmakers.

In a surprising turn of events last week, Democrats and Republicans voted for clearer regulatory guidelines for the crypto space — something the industry has been demanding from the SEC for years.

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Laura Sanders, a policy advisor at the nonprofit Blockchain Association, said that she “hopes this legal slap on the wrist will have the intended effect of deterring the SEC from using unfair and deceptive tactics against any enforcement targets.”

Today, Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer had a scathing response to the outcome of the DEBT Box case.

“Gary Gensler is putting American taxpayers’ money to good use,” he wrote.

The SEC’s relentless crackdown on the crypto industry, marked by numerous lawsuits under Gary Gensler’s leadership, has faced a significant setback. This ruling serves as a stern critique of the SEC’s conduct, signaling a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for fair regulation in the crypto space.

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