When History Meets Web3: Salsal’s Artistic Revolution

In a meeting of minds, computer scientist Adel Khelifi and archaeologist Mark Altaweel joined forces to conduct a revolutionary blend of historical artifacts and the unyielding power of blockchain – they call it Salsal (also known as Agur).


A Bridge to the Past, Forged in the Future

Imagine a world where ancient relics coexist with cutting-edge technology. Salsal seeks to build that very bridge, bringing historical artifacts to the forefront of the digital age. With a pinch of Web3 magic, they’re creating a protocol that separates fact from fiction, ensuring a tamper-proof validation system that even Indiana Jones would envy.

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Cultural Heritage in the Limelight

For too long, cultural heritage has yearned for its moment in the spotlight. Salsal aims to change that, offering its services exclusively to “cultural heritage organizations.” Finally, these treasures will shine bright, leaving no room for doubt about their authenticity.

“Once proven to be legitimate, the Collector can turn it into an NFT which is a Non Fungible Token. We use NFTs as their data is stored on the Blockchain and is immutable, allowing us to document the transfer of ownership accurately.”

Salsal website

The world may be filled with wonders, but not all of them are accounted for. Legends like the Honjo Masamune and the Crown Jewels of Ireland have faded into obscurity, victims of time and nefarious deeds. Countless others met a similar fate, snatched from historical sites before the experts could even begin to document their magnificence.

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From AI Detectives to Artifact Validators

Before Salsal came into the picture, Altaweel and Khelifi teamed up to use AI in their quest to uncover looted artifacts. Talk about dynamic duos! With that experience, they’re now employing an expert group to grade artifacts on a five-point scale, creating an impeccable system of verification.

NFTs: The New Age of Ownership

Once an artifact passes the litmus test, it’s crowned with the prestigious title of NFT – a Non-Fungible Token. In the realm of Salsal, NFTs reign supreme, with their data etched indelibly into the blockchain, providing an ironclad record of ownership transfers.


Salsal’s ambitious dream doesn’t stop at mere validation. They’re envisioning a world where curators vie to have their collections Salsal-approved. Picture curators passionately seeking verification, akin to comic book enthusiasts seeking validation from commercial graders.

A Blockchain Shield Against Thieves

While some databases already house information on historical artifacts, Salsal takes it a step further with a unified database running on an immutable blockchain. The result? A robust shield against theft and looting, compelling sellers and curators to uphold a documented provenance.


In a world where history and technology entwine, Salsal emerges as the savior of cultural heritage, empowering artifacts with unassailable blockchain armor. As the past and the future merge, trust and authenticity find a new sanctuary in the world of digital.

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