The Web3 gaming revolution is upon us, and one of the goodies that it brings is Meta Kart Racers. Meta Kart Racers is a mobile blockchain racing game from the staples of Meta Masters Guild (MEMAGX). It’s a game that runs on the innovative Play&Earn mechanic, which rewards players for their gaming activity.

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Meta Kart Racers incorporates many interesting mechanics that promise to make each gaming session memorable. This game is already available for download on app stores, and this article will tell you what to expect. Besides this racing game, Meta Masters Guild also has many more upcoming titles, and we’ll be telling you all about them.

What to Expect from Meta Kart Racers

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Meta Masters Guild is a mobile-strictly gaming guild that was established to bring top-tier crypto games to mobile. This gaming guild collaborates with crypto game developers to develop games that don’t only allow gamers to earn money, but are also fun. Simply put, Meta Masters Guild games are crypto games that every gamer would want to play.

Meta Kart Racers is the first title from this forward-thinking brand, a perfect embodiment of its philosophy. This racing game offers Player Versus Player (PVP) gameplay, numerous tournaments, and tons of customization options. So, players can customize their racing karts or their characters.

When playing Meta Kart Racers, gamers earn $GEM, the in-game currency, for the time spent. This $GEM can be used for transactions within the game or converted to MEMAGX, the native token of the Meta Masters Guild metaverse. PVP or tournament rewards in this game can also be playable NFTs, NFT assets, and other prizes.

There are three main characters to choose from in Meta Kart Racers, and they are:

  • Punk
  • Cyber
  • Ape

These characters have varying strengths, agility, attack, defense, and range, allowing them to offer unique gameplay when used. The available karts include Falcon Kart, Aegis Kart, and Steam Kart. All these karts come with customizable options for their acceleration, top speed, braking, strength, and steering.

Get a glimpse of some of the exciting racing action here:

Meta Kart Trailer 2  - Beta Version in Apple and Android App Stores Now!

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Exciting Titles in the Meta Masters Guild Universe

Apart from Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters Guild has other Web3 gaming opportunities in development. Although these games haven’t been released, we can tell you what to expect when they’re available for download.

Meta Masters World

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This is a crypto game that offers a vast virtual world for players to conquer. In this world, players can do whatever they want, whether it's to build, explore, or conquer. The skill-based activities in this game also offer an opportunity to earn $GEM or win playable characters in the form of NFTs.

Raid NFT

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Raid NFT is a crypto-fighting game that comes with turn-based mechanics. Players can enjoy the game solo or battle it out against a friend in numerous hostile environments. Those who want to test their skills can head down to the arena to participate in tournaments.

The Play&Earn mechanics in this fighting game allow players to earn from every fight. There are $GEMs to be won, playable NFT characters, and even weapons.

True Survivors

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True Survivors is a free-for-all battle game that is coming to the Meta Masters Guild games library. This game pits mankind against AI machines in a battle for survival. Each battle in this game is an opportunity to earn $GEMs and come out on top as the sole survivor.

Hidden Potential of Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming offers a true path to riches for any gamer. Its play-to-earn model allows gamers to earn tokens worth real money when they play.

The blockchain gaming market is still in its growth phase and is expected to generate revenue worth $65.7 billion in 2027. This just goes to show how much potential there is in this market. So, gamers that come into the market now are making a worthwhile investment.

Potential Success of MEMAGX

Following a successful presale where MEMAGX managed to raise up to $4.7 million, players can look forward to an even more glorious future. Some of the benefits that players can appreciate include:

  • Token Buyback Initiative: Meta Masters Guild is set to increase the value of MEMAGX over time, and for this, they’ve set up a buyback mechanism. This involves systematically purchasing some of the MEMAGX tokens in the market over time, leading to a natural increase in value.
  • Rewarding Tournaments: Tournaments in this game offer huge amounts of MEMAGX as rewards, and these rewards can be exchanged for ETH or USDT. Some seasonal tournaments can offer prizes worth $1,000 or higher.
  • Staking Rewards: Meta Masters Guild provides a staking mechanism for all MEMAGX holders. With this passive income mechanism, gamers can receive staking rewards of up to 12% APR.

Apart from these inherent benefits of MEMAGX, there are other things that token holders can anticipate in the future:

  • Numerous Crypto Games: Meta Masters Guild will be increasing its game catalog in the future, adding games from various genres. So, players can expect more exciting titles on which they can spend their MEMAGX tokens.
  • Improved Token Usefulness: The Meta Masters Guild multiverse is still taking shape, so there will be more uses for MEMAGX tokens in the future.
  • Community Centric: Meta Masters Guild is committed to building a metaverse with vibrant community engagement, where developers and gamers can meet on equal footing.

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MEMAGX Roadmap

  • 2022: White paper creation, the commencement of the Meta Masters Guild platform design, and the kick-off of Meta Kart Racers game development.
  • 2023: Soft launch of Meta Masters Guild platform and NFT marketplace; MEMAGX presale; launch of Meta Kart Racers demo; and development of Raid NFT.
  • 2024: Bug fixes for Meta Kart Racers and app store launch, paid advertising, introduction of new race tracks, and more partnerships with other gaming companies.


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