Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr, a vocal critic of Ordinals, has caused a stir as his mining pool, Ocean, announces a change in policy regarding the inclusion of non-financial transactions in Bitcoin blocks. This move comes as a surprise to many, considering Dashjr’s previous hardline stance against Ordinals.

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Ocean Mining Pool Opens Its Gates to Ordinals

Ocean, the mining pool backed by Jack Dorsey and known for its association with Luke Dashjr, has made a significant policy change. Miners within the Ocean pool can now choose whether to process Bitcoin blocks containing non-financial transactions, including the controversial Ordinals inscriptions. This move aligns with Ocean’s vision of decentralized block template construction, allowing miners to have more control over the content of the blocks they mine.

The Controversy Surrounding Ordinals

Ordinals inscriptions, similar to NFTs, have sparked intense debates within the Bitcoin community. Initially launched by Bitcoin Core developer Casey Rodarmor, these digital assets are inscribed on satoshis, the smallest denominations of Bitcoin. While Ordinals have generated substantial fees for miners, they have faced criticism for potentially clogging the network and diverting attention from “real” financial transactions.


Ocean’s Motivation Behind the Change

Ocean’s decision to include Ordinals in its block template policies represents a significant shift in perspective. The company aims to promote a decentralized Bitcoin ecosystem, where miners have the authority to determine the content of blocks. By offering multiple block template policy options, including one specifically tailored for Ordinals, Ocean provides miners with the freedom to choose the type of transactions they prioritize.

Dashjr’s Comment and Its Interpretations

Luke Dashjr’s comment on Twitter, “Merry Christmas,” in response to a tweet celebrating the update, has stirred mixed reactions within the Bitcoin community. Some interpret it as Dashjr’s acceptance of Ordinals, while others perceive it as a subtle dig or an attempt to save face. The comment’s meaning remains subject to speculation and personal interpretation.

Critics’ Perspectives

Critics of Ocean’s decision argue that including Ordinals in blocks with the fewest financial transactions contradicts Ocean’s claim of prioritizing real financial transactions. They emphasize that blocks with Ordinals inscriptions typically generate higher fees, implying a considerable financial aspect to these transactions. Skepticism persists regarding the long-term implications of this shift in policy.

The Growing Influence of Ordinals

Ordinals have gained significant traction, with over 50 million inscriptions made since their introduction. Additionally, Ordinals have expanded to include the integration of BRC-20 tokens, further fueling the proliferation of meme coins built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.


Prominent figures like Adam Back have shown support for Ordinals, contributing to its increasing prominence within the Bitcoin community.


Ocean Mining Pool’s decision to embrace Ordinals marks a significant turning point in the ongoing debate surrounding these controversial digital assets. Luke Dashjr’s association with Ocean and his surprising comment have added to the intrigue.

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As the Bitcoin community navigates the implications of this development, the future of decentralized block template construction and the role of Ordinals in the ecosystem remain subjects of contention and exploration.

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