On June 2, a Reddit account associated with Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, aka DeepF–ingValue, posted a screenshot of a portfolio that has broken the internet. The image has yet to be verified, but if what it showed is true, then it means that “Gill’s got bills!” 

The image showed that the man’s holdings were worth $289 million as of the day it was posted. For somebody called “Roaring Kitty,”  he sure was silent about it for a long time. 

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For people unfamiliar with Gill’s work, that’s because the man was inactive on social media for years until last year. But the man is quite a legend for those who know him. In 2021, when the meme-stock mania was still very much on, Gill made a name for himself by single-handedly inspiring individual investors to rally behind shares of GameStop Corp. His posts about GameStop propped up the company’s shares and caused significant losses for even big hedge funds that bet against it. 

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Well, it seems the GameStop genius has come out to play again. After the post on Sunday, GameStop shares jumped to a $40.19 valuation on Monday. It would later go down to $28.00, but just look at what that man can do! He did something similar in May, pushing GameStop shares to almost $50.00 a share before going back to $23.14 at the end of the month. Even Rumpelstiltskin spun gold from straw, but Roaring Kitty is spinning gold from tweets.

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Everyone seems impressed with Keith Gill’s work except E*trade. Gill bought a large amount of GME options on E*Trade just before his iconic return to social media in May, and that action saw GME prices skyrocket and netted Gill some handsome profit. 

This has caused E*Trade to worry that Gill may be using his influence to perform stock manipulation, like Rumpelstiltskin’s “Straw manipulation,” they are considering kicking him off the platform.

Morgan Stanley, E*Trade’s owner, is worried that Gill might pull a Rumpelstiltskin just like he did in 2021 and inflate prices again out of thin air. It has been reported that the online brokerage is debating whether or not Gill’s recent posts on X, which are mostly gifs and clips from movies, are to be considered manipulation. 

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However, they are being careful with their decision. Kicking Gill out might mean bad press, and his loyalists may close their E*trade accounts. Their decision is still unknown at the time of this writing, and Gill is still a free man as far as trading on the platform is concerned. But with all the heat mounting on him, Gill needs to remember Uncle Ben’s words to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

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