Musk’s Alleged Drug Use

Executives and board members express persistent concerns over Elon Musk’s alleged drug use. Reports suggest Musk has used LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and psychedelic mushrooms at private parties, raising fears about potential consequences for his health and the billions of dollars in assets he oversees. The situation is especially critical given SpaceX’s role in NASA missions and its government contracts.

Bitcoin Reclaims $45,000 as ETF Hopefuls Make Final Filings

In the crypto markets, Bitcoin experiences a remarkable rebound, hitting $45,000. This follows the flash crash from last week. The surge coincides with firms, including BlackRock and WisdomTree, making final filings for spot Bitcoin ETF applications. The crypto community eagerly awaits the SEC’s decision, with potential approval signaling a significant milestone for the industry.

Japan’s Mercari Plans to Accept BTC Payments

Japan’s e-commerce giant, Mercari, plans to allow users to make purchases in bitcoin by June. This move reflects a growing acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by major companies globally. Mercari’s blockchain subsidiary, Mercoin, will facilitate transactions, maintaining prices in Japanese yen while enabling users to pay with the world’s largest cryptocurrency. This development aligns with the broader trend of integrating digital assets into traditional financial systems.

Nebraska Bill Seeks Fair Play for Crypto Mining and Ownership

In legislative news, Nebraska State Senator Eliot Bostar introduces a bill aiming to establish clear crypto standards in the state. The Blockchain Basics Act proposes regulations to promote safe and legal cryptocurrency mining, holding, and trading. If passed, the bill would allow individuals to host blockchain nodes and conduct crypto mining operations in residential properties without the need for licenses.



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