Solana Saga Phones Turned NFTs by Influencer Bangerz

Solana Saga, a crypto-friendly smartphone, faces an unusual fate as an influencer microwaves one for a stunt and mints 3,333 commemorative Solana NFTs based on the video. Bangerz, the influencer, posted a video of the microwave experiment, leading to a surge in interest for the commemorative NFTs, which initially sold for about $25 worth of Solana. The NFTs, inspired by the Saga Microwave moment, generated approximately $33,000 in trading.

Solana Labs announces a follow-up phone to the Saga, named “Chapter 2,” with pre-orders at $450, less than half the original retail price. The new phone, part of the Solana crypto ecosystem, received 30,000 orders within the first 30 hours of availability.

Dutch Government’s $222M Investment in AI Innovation

The Dutch government allocates $222.07 million to foster local investment in artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to position the European Union competitively in responsible generative AI systems. The strategy includes campaigns to educate the public on data protection from generative AI and the creation of a secure national AI testing facility. The government emphasizes adherence to Europe’s AI Act and seeks to harness generative AI while addressing misinformation risks and job reduction concerns.

Generative AI in the Netherlands:

  1.  Must be developed and applied in a safe manner.
  2.  Must be developed and applied in a fair and equitable manner.
  3.  Must be at the service of human wellbeing and human autonomy.
  4.  Must contribute to sustainability and our continued prosperity.

Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations

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South Korea Reconsiders Bitcoin ETF Stance Following SEC Approval

Just a week after warning against trading US-based spot Bitcoin ETFs, South Korea’s Presidential Office urges the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to reconsider its stance. The office emphasizes the need for appropriate changes to the legal system to align with global developments. The FSC had previously cautioned domestic securities firms about potential violations related to overseas-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs but signaled a review of regulations as developments unfold. Meanwhile, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is reportedly planning new regulations on digital asset mixing services to counter illegal money laundering operations.

We are further considering how we can have another investment asset element, but also prevent side effects and risk factors on other financial products or real-life games.

 Sung Tae-Yoon, Policy Director of the Presidential Office


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