So, apparently, Google Cloud and Tezos Network have decided to team up and make Web 3 technologies even cooler. This is great news for developers and businesses who want to build decentralized apps without pulling their hair out. It looks like Google is trying to ride the Web 3 wave, which makes sense since it’s becoming more popular than avocado toast. According to CoinCodeCap (which is a real thing, by the way), this partnership will make it easier for people to build and deploy these types of apps. And with Tezos’ blockchain at their fingertips, developers can take advantage of its scalability and security features while also benefiting from Google’s cloud services. It’s a win-win situation, folks!

What is Tezos?

Before we dive into what this partnership means, let’s take a quick look at Tezos. Tezos is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. In other words, instead of using energy-intensive proof-of-work mining like Bitcoin, Tezos validators (known as “bakers”) use their Tezos tokens to participate in the consensus process and earn rewards. Tezos is also unique in that it has an on-chain governance system, which allows token holders to propose and vote on changes to the protocol.

The partnership aims to make it easier for developers and businesses

Listen up, folks! Google Cloud has announced a new partnership with Tezos that’s going to make life easier for developers and businesses in the blockchain and crypto space. According to the official announcement (which I’m not making up), this collaboration is all about making it simpler for everyone to participate in this exciting world. Tezos’ blockchain tech combined with Google Cloud’s infrastructure will provide a secure and reliable platform for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps) on Tezos’ network. And let me tell you, Tezos has been blowing up lately, with its market cap soaring over 800% since the start of the year (as reported by CoinGecko). 

With this partnership, Google Cloud is definitely trying to get in on the Web 3 action and make its mark in the blockchain industry. So, what’s in store for developers? Well, they’ll get a sweet toolkit that includes code samples and documentation to get started with Tezos, an open-source plugin for Visual Studio Code (yep, the popular development platform), and integration with Google Cloud’s tools and services, like GKE and BigQuery, for managing and analyzing data from Tezos dapps. It’s all happening, people!

Google Cloud will be providing its clients with access to Tezos’ blockchain

Hold on to your hats, folks, because Google Cloud is teaming up with Tezos Network to bring some serious Web 3 firepower to the table! According to recent reports (which I definitely didn’t just make up), Google Cloud is going to be hooking its clients up with access to Tezos’ blockchain. That means faster and more scalable development of decentralized apps, baby! It’s no secret that everyone’s buzzing about Web 3 these days and all the amazing ways it could transform different industries. And with Tezos’ on-chain governance system and proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, this partnership is poised to make blockchain tech even more accessible to businesses and developers. So, buckle up and get ready for some serious Web 3 wizardry, courtesy of Google Cloud and Tezos!


In conclusion, Google Cloud’s collaboration with Tezos Network is a promising development for the Web 3 ecosystem. By leveraging Tezos’ blockchain technology, Google Cloud can offer its clients secure and decentralized solutions that can transform various industries. As the use cases for Web 3 applications continue to expand, collaborations like this one between Google Cloud and Tezos Network will be crucial to meet the increasing demand for blockchain-based solutions.

As reported by Straits Research, the Web 3 industry is projected to reach a market size of USD 52890 million by 2030, indicating the massive potential for growth in the sector. With Google Cloud’s resources and Tezos’ technology, this partnership could be a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Overall, this collaboration demonstrates Google Cloud’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies to provide its clients with cutting-edge solutions. As the Web 3 ecosystem evolves, it will be interesting to see how Google Cloud and Tezos Network continue to innovate and work together to shape the future of decentralized technologies.