Changpeng Zhao, the brains behind the crypto exchange Binance, who gracefully exited his CEO throne in November amidst federal money laundering allegations, has announced plans to launch a new non-profit online educational platform called Giggle Academy.

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“Building a high-quality and sticky education platform that is entirely free and accessible to all is the most impactful thing I could do for the next chapter of my life,” said Zhao, as quoted on Giggle Academy’s website, where they’re also listing job openings for a Senior Game Developer and a Gamification Product Manager.

The Giggle Academy Concept

Despite the legal troubles, Zhao seems to be giggling with enthusiasm and optimism about the Giggle Project and its core mission. The conceptual document outlines an ambitious vision to “make basic education accessible, exciting, and adaptive for children who currently lack access to it, worldwide, for free.”

The document presents statistical data indicating that “over 75% of the 781 million illiterate adults worldwide reside in South Asia, West Asia, and sub-Saharan African countries, with women comprising nearly two-thirds of all illiterate adults worldwide.” Giggle Academy’s goal is to provide free online courses for students in grades 1-12 on core subjects as well as topics like emotional intelligence, finance, and blockchain.

This free and no-revenue initiative will attract support and interest through gamification to boost student engagement, an adaptive curriculum that encourages subject specialization, and a blockchain-based “soul tokens” system to validate student achievements.

“Let’s make basic education accessible and exciting for kids worldwide. Free basic education (grades 1-12) for all, income-agnostic, gamified, adaptive,” he tweeted, noting that Project Giggle is hiring and one of the perks is the chance to work directly with him.

Here’s a big guy, giving the world free education after giving Crypto Twitter the start of the greatest supercycle ever.

A very commendable initiative, CZ—the only way to change this world is through education. Satoshi’s 9-page whitepaper changed the world forever.

Kashif Raza, founder of the Bitcoin educational platform Bitinning

Another follower swiftly launched the meme coin Solana, though it seems there are now more than a dozen such riffs on the Giggle brand.

Zhao’s Jail Time

The announcement comes as Zhao awaits sentencing for charges of failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program at Binance. In November, Zhao pleaded guilty and agreed to resign as part of a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice. Binance was ordered to pay fines totaling $4.3 billion and to “completely exit” the U.S. market.

More Info:

Zhao faces 10 to 18 months of jail time under federal sentencing guidelines, with sentencing delayed until April 30th. As part of the plea deal, Zhao paid a $50 million fine and is currently out on bail for $175 million. A federal judge imposed travel restrictions, barring him from leaving the U.S., fearing he might flee.

Despite the legal challenges looming over him, Zhao’s determination to provide free education underscores the transformative power of knowledge. Maybe he’ll turn his jail time into a crash course on crypto law. Nevertheless, his dedication to this educational initiative demonstrates resilience and vision. Who knows, by the time he’s out, Giggle Academy might offer a degree in legal jargon deciphering.

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