Japan: Where Gaming and Smartphones are Inseparable

While the rest of the world might still be catching up on the latest smartphone trends, Japan has already aced the game. With a 85% of its population wielding smartphones, the Land of the Rising Sun stands tall as the unrivaled champ of the global mobile app market. And don’t expect this fierce dominance to fizzle out anytime soon—Japan’s smartphone army is only projected to grow stronger.

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Gaming Capital of the World? Definitely Japan!

You’d think Japan would be too busy brewing matcha to bother with mobile gaming, but au contraire! It turns out over 70 million Japanese are avid mobile gamers, firmly establishing Japan as a mobile gaming powerhouse. Wallets are flying open, too, as gaming consumer spend is set to hit a staggering $12.6 billion annually by the end of 2023. Yep, that’s more than the GDP of a small country!

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Demographics and Preferences: A Game for Every Age

In the realm of Japanese mobile gaming, age isn’t just a number—it’s a crucial factor in determining your gaming style. Gen Z is all about party royale games (no surprise there), while younger millennials swear by MOBA games. Older millennials, on the other hand, get their kicks from teasing their brains with puzzle games. And let’s not forget Gen X and baby boomers—they find solace in card games like solitaire. Who knew gaming was the elixir of eternal youth?

Source: Polkastarter Gaming

Gender Benders: Gaming Edition

Ah, the age-old question—what do men and women prefer? In Japanese mobile gaming, the answer is clear! Men can’t get enough of those heart-pounding simulation sports games, while women are busy matching colorful puzzles like their lives depend on it. Who said men and women are from different planets? We’re all in the gaming galaxy together!

Growth and Install Trends

If you think the gaming app market in Japan is stagnant, you’re in for a surprise. After a teeny dip in 2022, gaming app installs are back with a vengeance in 2023, showing a delightful 12% boost in Q1 compared to the previous year’s end. Talk about a comeback! And who’s leading the charge? RPGs, the undefeated champions across mobile, console, and PC, accounting for a whopping 13% of all gaming app installs.

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Platform Wars: Apple vs. Android

It’s like watching a fierce sumo match—Apple iPhones vs. Android smartphones! In the red corner, weighing in at 61% of gaming apps tracked in Japan—Apple! And in the blue corner, with a respectable 39%—Android! But wait, there’s more! For adventure games, Apple takes a triumphant 90%, while Android snags a cool 60% for puzzle games. May the best platform win!


Session Behavior and Engagement: Gaming Junkies Unite!

Let’s talk about session lengths, shall we? The average Japanese gamer spends an astonishing 26.59 minutes per session in Q1 2023, easily trumping the U.S. average of 24.71 minutes. Impressive, right? And when it comes to hypercasual and action games, it’s a whole new level of addiction—oops, we mean engagement!


Web3 Gaming: Crack the Japanese Code

Listen up, web3 game developers! If you haven’t set your sights on Japan yet, you’re missing out big time. With a mobile gaming market this massive and usage trends shooting off the charts, it’s time to don your creative hats and embrace all things Japanese. Mix and match traditional elements with modern gameplay for a winning recipe that’ll keep players glued to their screens.

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Level Up Your Game in Japan

As the curtain falls on this epic mobile gaming spectacle, one thing is clear—Japan is a goldmine for web3 gaming. Armed with insights from Adjust and data.ai, you’ve got the ultimate cheat code to thrive in this market. So go ahead, dazzle Japanese gamers with your mobile masterpieces, and watch your fortunes rise like a pixelated phoenix. Game on!

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